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Imagine Card

Debbie Samples

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Imagine Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Steampunk papers are perfect for a masculine look!



  1. Use the outside card, and place the fold on the left. Cover the outside front with Steampunk brown paper. Ink the edges. Glue a 4"x6" Steampunk border paper, with the focal in the top right corner. Cut two 4"x2" Steampunk teal papers. Tear one long edge of each paper, so it slopes to one side. Ink the torn edge. Layer, and glue on the card bottom even with the border paper.
  2. Back the large balloon Dazzles with Steampunk brown, and teal paper. Cut close to the Dazzles edge. Glue at an angle on the bottom left. Place the "Imagine" Dazzles on a 2"x5/8" Steampunk teal paper. Mat on Steampunk rust, then brown, then tan papers, leaving 1/8" borders each time. Foam tape on the bottom right. Place the gear, bird, and teal jewel Dazzles as shown.
  3. Card Inside: Cover the inside of the card with Steampunk teal with circles paper. Ink the edges. Cover the inside of the second piece with Steampunk brown gear paper. Place the gears on the top left corner. Ink the edges. Turn the card over, and cut the lines through the paper. -Score the lines again. Glue a 7"x2 7/8" Steampunk gear paper in the center section, between the cuts. Score the lines again. The small top and bottom cut sections are a mountain fold. The middle section is folded as follows: From the left a mountain fold, the middle is a valley fold, and the last score is another mountain fold. Ink all the edges. Ink the edges of two 2"x2" Steampunk tan papers, and glue on the center section, so each one is centered on either side of the fold. Close the second piece with all the sections folded as instructed. Place glue on the back right side, avoiding the folded areas. Glue into the first card piece, matching the center folds, and leaving a 1/8" border around the edges. Now place glue on the outside left, avoiding the folded areas and close the card.
  4. Place the chain Dazzles as shown. Place the "Adventure" Dazzles on a 4"x1/2" Steampunk teal paper. Glue on the bottom right, extending onto the fold out piece. Place the rest of the words as shown. Back a small butterfly Dazzles with teal paper, and foam tape to the top right corner. Back three various gear Dazzles, and glue on the center fold out. Place more gear, key, and jewel Dazzles as shown.

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Written by Trish Sayers
 2 years 1 month ago:
I love this card.


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