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Butterfly Echo Card

Debbie Samples

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Butterfly Echo Card
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Butterflies become 3-D, but lay flat for mailing.



  1. Punch out the four foiled layers of butterflies, and gently remove the outside pieces from each layer.
  2. Remove the tiny slivers from the two matching side panels. Sand any nibs on all pieces that need it.
  3. Slide the open aperture into the front slot of the side panels with the slotted end of the foiled layer at the bottom of the sideslots.
  4. Build the layers each side with the topper with the least within the aperture at the front and the one with the most at the back.
  5. Glue one of the plain butterflies, and a "Handmade" tag to the back layer. Foam tape a button sentiment on the front of the card.

Project comments

Written by Marie Mar
 11 months 24 days ago:
You come up with some clever ideas, Debbie. This would make a great train for a child if someone could design it or buy it somewhere. The engine on front, opening up into the entire train.


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