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Notecard Holder and Cards

Debbie Samples

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Notecard Holder and Cards
By Debbie Samples

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Designer Tip: Punch out the pieces for the notecard holder. Fold on all score lines. Cut the ribbon in half, and glue to the inside front centered. Glue the front and back together, with the ribbon sandwiched between the front and back. Use Extra Sticky Tape to glue the holder on each side. Glue a border on the center spine. Fold each notecard, and foam tape the topper and sentiment on each card. Place the cards and envelopes in each holder. Tie the ribbon closed.


Project comments

Written by Marie Mar
 1 year 2 months ago:
I think this is a very nice thing for gift giving. All of the elderly and shut ins would appreciate it. They can communicate with their friends and loved ones. Add a pen and some stamps inside. A little address book or page if it is someone (like family) whose special addresses you know. It would also be nice for a child with thank you notes in it to teach them etiquette.


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