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Creative Spark - Citrus Mini Party Lanterns

Citrus Mini Party Lanterns
By Ann Bernklau

card making , card ideas, lanterns
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Ann Bernklau
Ann's Tip: Add ribbon and crystals to make your lanterns extra fancy. When using the template, instead of cutting out 2 separate shapes, trace 2 in a row and cut out one long shape. This works on all except the Pagoda Lantern.
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  1. Follow the template instructions to assemble all your lanterns.
  2. Hexagonal Lanterns (pink stripe & orange stripe): Assemble one using orange multi-stripe paper and glue sheer orange ribbon around the middle. Glue a small orange bow to the top. Assemble the second with hot pink multi-stripe. On each outer panel, glue a small knot of pink sheer ribbon. Glue a small pink bow to the handle.
  3. Open Sky Lantern (blue dot): Assemble lantern with blue dot paper. Attach two stripes of ribbon around the middle using Zots™ adhesive dots. Add turquoise crystals to the ribbon.
  4. Celebration Lantern (teal stripe): Assemble using teal multi-stripe. Place 3 turquoise crystals on each side as shown. Glue 2 small blue bows to either side of the handle.
  5. Pagoda Lantern (purple/green stripe): Assemble lantern using purple/green stripe. Glue strips of green ribbon to each surface (top and bottom). Glue a small green bow to one of the bottom ribbons.
  6. Prosperity Lantern (yellow plaid): Assemble lantern with yellow plaid. Glue small strips of blue ribbon vertically to each side. Add 4 crystals to the front side and the back side on the ribbon as shown.
  7. Lucky Lantern (green): Assemble using green texture. Glue a strip of blue ribbon around the middle. Glue a small bow to the front panel over the ribbon. Place crystals around the base of the lantern.

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Project comments

Written by Swarovski Crystals
 1 year 4 months ago:
Very interesting blog, looking forward to more wonderful!
Written by jacky
 3 years 5 months ago:
beautiful and unusual


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