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Ice Cream Cone Pocket

LeNae Gerig

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the Yummy Ice Cream Card Bundle or you can order them separately.

Ice Cream Cone Pocket
By LeNae Gerig

card ideas, card making
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Designer Tip: I printed my message onto light ivory cardstock using my computer. After printing, I trace the tag shape around the words and cut it out.



  1. Follow the instructions on the template and trace the ice cream cone shape onto the back of the brown cardstock. Cut the cone and pocket lining from tan dot paper and the additional scoop from brown stripe paper. Assemble the pocket and cone.
  2. Trace and cut the cherry from pink paper and the stem and leaf from lime green. Assemble and glue to the top of the ice cream. Use a smudge of red chalk on the cherry.
  3. Write For My Sweet Dad on the light ivory cardstock and trace around it with the Mocha Latte tag shape. Cut out and glue a torn strip of brown strip at the bottom of the tag. Ink the edges brown and place the tag in the pocket with a gift card.

Project comments

Written by Libby
 6 years 6 months ago:
Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good ifnormatoin.
Written by Susan D
 6 years 7 months ago:
I have just ordered this template and I al really looking forward to make cards for several little people that I know! As I watching the video my mind was racing with ideas to decorate the cone and cupcake. Very clever ideas and a fun way to present gift cards for any ag.
Written by diane
 6 years 8 months ago:
I used an embossing folder to make the cone part have a waffle effect.
Written by Barbara
 6 years 9 months ago:
love to make them for my grand childrens
Written by Beth
 6 years 9 months ago:
I want to make this for my grandson
Written by Pamela
 6 years 10 months ago:
I'm going to try brown mesh on the cone.
Written by Pam
 6 years 10 months ago:
Very Cute!
Written by Rose
 6 years 11 months ago:
I love your ice cream card. My grand daughter will also love it. I'm attempting to make one for her because she received all A's and B's on her report card this semester. thanks for the idea.


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