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Fall Leaves Page

Ann Bernklau

Get all the major supplies needed to make this project with the All 9 Autumn Set or you can order them separately.

Fall Leaves Page
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: Poke a hole through the leaves with a craft pick before inserting brads. Mix up your matting colors to reflect the colors in the background paper and the leaves.



  1. Use rustic floral corner paper for the background, with the embellished corner on the bottom left. Mat a 6x4 sepia photo on burgundy floral, leaving a 1/8 border. Mat again onto dark purple cardstock, leaving a 1/4 border. Glue photo 3/4 from the top and 1/2 from the left.
  2. Mat a 4x6 photo onto brown cardstock making a 1/8 border. Glue two 4 pieces of orange ric-rac along the top and bottom of the photo. Glue photo 1 from the bottom and 1/2 from the right. Mat a 2 1/2x4 photo onto burgundy floral, leaving a 1/8 border. Glue 2 1/2 of orange/green ribbon across the bottom of the photo. Glue a small bow to the right side. Glue photo overlapping vertical photo, 2 from the bottom and 3 from the right.
  3. Cut a 2x5/8 piece of tan cardstock and write or print title (Leaf Jumping!) on it. Mat three times with the following borders: 1/16 purple, 1/8 burgundy floral, and 1/16 brown. Glue 1 from the top and 2 from the right.
  4. Journal a caption on 4 1/2x1 1/4 of tan cardstock and mat 1/4 onto burgundy floral. Mat again onto brown, leaving a 1/16 border. Glue overlapping top photo, 1/2 from the right and 2 1/4 from the top.
  5. Stack a large yellow leaf onto a smaller green leaf. Poke a hole through the middle with a craft pick and attach the two with a green brad. Glue to left top corner of top photo. Do the same with a red leaf and orange and green leaves and glue to page as shown.
  6. Back the acorn on the corner flourish Dazzle with tan cardstock and place to the right of the title. Back the leaves and acorns of the 5 1/2 autumn border Dazzle with orange, green, and brown cardstock. Place under the journaling block, overlapping it a little.
  7. Place large tree in the bottom left corner 1/2 from the left and 1/4 from the bottom. Place FALL Dazzle 4 from the left and 1/4 from the bottom. Back 3 leaves with orange, green, and burgundy floral. Place burgundy leaf in the corner between the top and middle photos. Place the green and orange leaves under the smallest photo, to the right of the FALL Dazzle.

Happy Harvest card
By Ann Bernklau

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Designer Tips: For an easy way to add color to your Dazzles™, back them with white paper and color them in with markers.

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  1. With the fold on top, cover card front with rustic stripe. Cut a 4 square of burgundy floral and glue to card 3/8 from the left and equidistant from the top and bottom. Cut a 4 square of tan cardstock (from Classics Cardstock), round the corners with the Corner Chomper, and glue to the burgundy floral. Place Happy Harvest and copper flourish on tan square as shown.
  2. Back harvest cart and vegetables Dazzles with white paper and color in with colored markers as shown. Glue to tan square along the bottom. Back a leaf with white and color with burgundy marker; glue it in the top right corner of the tan square.
  3. Glue 5 of burgundy swirl ribbon down the right side of the card, 1/8 from the right. Glue 5 of brown satin crepe ribbon to the left of the burgundy ribbon. Back the corn on the copper corn border with white paper and color corn yellow. Glue border overlapping the brown ribbon and trim off excess.
  4. Inside the card: Cover the inside with tan cardstock. Cut a 6 x2 strip of burgundy floral and glue along bottom. Glue 6 of brown sheer polka dot ribbon along the top of the burgundy piece. Glue 6 of yellow/green ribbon below the brown ribbon and 6 of burgundy swirl above the brown ribbon.
  5. Back scarecrow, pumpkins, and large leaf Dazzles with white and color with markers as shown. Glue the scarecrow from the left and 1 from the bottom. Glue pumpkins below and to the right of the scarecrow. Glue 3 leaves in the top right corner. Write a greeting in the tan space with brown marker.

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