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More Shaped Brads
Designer: Susan Cobb

Whether you add one to the center of a silk flower, use them as bullet points in your journaling or simply scatter them throughout your layout, shaped brads are little embellishments that make a big impact!

Sunday Mornings Our Way
By Susan Cobb

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Susans Tip: Arrow-shaped brads help direct the viewers eye throughout the layout. And in black, they coordinate perfectly with the classic color scheme of the page.



  1. Use one sheet of grey/squares border paper as the background, placing the border on the left. Ink the edges of a 9 1/4"x8 1/2" piece of white cardstock, then mat on black glimmer paper and trim the mat to 1/16". Glue over the grey portion of the background, just above center.
  2. Mat one standard horizontal photo and three smaller photos on white cardstock, trimming the mats to 1/32". Mat each again on burgundy textured paper and trim the mats to 1/8". Glue the photos throughout the white cardstock. Computer journal the subjects' names on the grey portion of the other sheet of grey/squares border paper. Ink the edges of each individual name and glue them under the photos, using arrow brads to point from the names to the photos. Computer journal photo captions and activities in short strips on grey textured paper, then ink the edges of each. Glue the journaling scattered throughout the white cardstock. Glue tile cut-outs overlapping the ends of some of the journaling strips and accent the strips with arrow brads.
  3. Computer journal the title Sunday Mornings Our Way on white cardstock, crop to 7"x1 1/4" and ink the edges. Mat on burgundy textured paper, trim the mat to 1/8" and ink the edges. Glue the title centered below the white cardstock. Glue a tile cut-out next to the left end of the title and accent both ends with arrow brads. Knot 3" of ribbon and attach the knot over the top right edge of the title with a Zot.

Enjoying A Bright Summer Day
By Susan Cobb

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Susans Tip: Swirl-shaped brads are a bright, colorful addition to this summery layoutperfect for kids pages!



  1. Place the blue/striped border paper with the border at the bottom. From the right side of the template, trace the sixth pattern (the small zigzag pattern) across the center of the blue portion of the background and overlapping the top edge of the blue ribbon printed on the paper's border.
  2. Mat a horizontal photo on yellow cardstock, trim the mat to 1/8" and glue in the top left corner of the page. Use the template to trace straight stitching around the edges of the matted photo, then write the subject's name above the top left corner.
  3. Mat a smaller horizontal photo on yellow cardstock, trimming the left edge to 1 1/2" and trimming all the other edges to 1/8". Fold over the left edge of the mat until it meets the edge of the photo and glue in place. Glue the photo centered below the first photo and accent the folded edge with swirl brads and a blue silk flower. Write the date below the bottom right corner.
  4. Mat a vertical photo on yellow cardstock and trim the mat to 1/8". Cut a triangle out of yellow cardstock and glue it over the bottom right corner of the photo. Use the template to add straight stitching along the longest edge of the triangle corner, then accent with a swirl brad. Glue the photo over the right side of the page and write the subject's name down the bottom left edge. Use a swirl brad to attach a yellow silk flower to the left of the photo.
  5. Computer journal a list onto yellow cardstock and crop to a small block, leaving a space near the top to add straight stitching. Use the template to add the stitching across the journaling. Glue the journaling in the bottom right corner of the page and add a swirl brad to the left. Computer journal in a strip on yellow cardstock and glue even with the top right edge of the page. Add a swirl brad to the left end of the strip and add straight stitching down the right end using the template.

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