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Swirly Doodles

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Swirly Doodles
Designers: Paris Dukes & LeNae Gerig

Crazy for You
By Paris Dukes

scrapbooking ideas, scrapbooking layouts
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Paris says: A .08 tip pen works great for tracing the edges of the template swirls. For a solid look, your .08 pen is also great for filling in the smaller, thinner swirls, and I like a brush marker for filling in the larger swirls. I still trace the edges of the large swirls with a .08 pen, then fill in the lines with the brush marker. The thicker tip of the brush marker makes the job much quicker, and it allows my .08 pen to last far longer.



  1. Place the color block paper with the darkest purple blocks at the bottom. Mat two vertical photos on lavender cardstock, trim the mats to 1/8" and ink the edges. Glue the photos centered over the largest, lightest portion of the color blocked background. Run 13" of ribbon below the photos, taping the tails to the backside of the page.
  2. Trace shape D from the template twice onto lavender cardstock. Crop each swirl to a 3"x3"x4 1/4" triangle shape and ink the edges. Foam tape one triangle over the top left corner of the left photo and the other over the top right corner of the right photo. Trace shape D over the darkest color block in the bottom right corner of the page.
  3. Computer journal the title Crazy for you (not including the letter C) onto lavender cardstock and crop to a strip with 2 1/4" of blank space on the left. Rotate the template until shape G looks like the letter C, then trace the C to the left of the title to complete the phrase Crazy for you. Glue the title over the long color block that runs across the bottom of the page. Layer a blue silk flower on top of a purple flower. Fold 3 1/2" of ribbon in half and layer the folded end under the flowers. Insert a purple brad through all the layers and use it to attach the flowers over the left edge of the title.
  4. Computer journal the subject's name onto lavender cardstock, crop and ink the edges. Foam tape the name centered under the right photo, overlapping the ribbon that runs across the page, then add a purple brad to the left and right edges.

Emily Ann
By LeNae Gerig

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LeNae says: Twist and turn that template! You can create a totally varied and customized look with swirls by rotating the template, or even flipping it over. I pay special attention to this when tracing the same swirl shape onto my page multiple times, so the swirls dont all end up looking exactly the same. It also lets you work the swirls into your projects in any space you'd like. By rotating the template you can fit those horizontal swirls into vertical spaces and vice versa.



  1. Use the light pink faux-texture paper as the background. Tear the bottom edge off a 6 1/2"x10" piece of light pink rose paper, then ink the edges. Glue the paper even with the top of the page, 1" from the left side. Add a brown brad to each top corner of the rose paper. Use a brown pen to trace swirl C from the template in the bottom left corner of the rose paper, then add a pink flower brad to the end. Mat a 5"x7" photo on purple glimmer paper and trim to 1/8". Glue centered over the rose paper, overlapping the swirl in the bottom corner.
  2. Trace swirl I down the right side of the page. Trace swirl F (not including the dots) at a vertical angle overlapping the top of swirl I. Trace swirl G overlapping the center of swirl I, then add swirl C to the right. Trace swirl G overlapping the bottom of swirl I.
  3. Layer a pink silk flower on top of a brown flower and use Zots to attach the flowers over the top end of swirl F. Fold another pink flower in half and attach it over the end of the center swirl G. Run embroidery floss through the holes on two large brown buttons, knotting the tails on top. Use Zots to attach one button in the center of each of the flowers. Knot two pieces of ribbon and Zot one over each swirl, just below the flowers.
  4. Mat a small photo on bronze glimmer paper and trim to 1/8". Glue the photo at an angle to the right of the folded flower and add a pink flower brad to the bottom right corner. Computer journal the subject's name and date onto the circular pink tag cut-out and attach it over the bottom of the swirls with a brown brad in the tab. Accent the swirls with brown mini brads and a pink flower brad.

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