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Susan Cobb

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By Susan Cobb

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Designer's Tip: Ink the butterfly mask, then back it with alcohol inked Color Me Glossy paper and trim the edges evenly for a beautiful look.



  1. Place your card with the fold at the top. Cut a 6 1/2"x5" Color Me Glossy Floral paper and use the applicator and felt to apply Blending Solution to the paper. Now add a few drops of pitch black ink to the moistened applicator felt and add color to the paper with a pouncing motion (tip: even though you're using black ink, the color will be a light color). Moisten the paper towel with blending solution (or use a fresh applicator felt) and remove excess ink from the paper to show the white floral pattern. Glue even with the card front.
  2. Place the butterfly mask on the back of the Color Me Glossy Flourish sheet. Trace around the outside edges with a pencil, then cut around the edges. Turn the piece over and use a fresh applicator felt apply blending solution to the paper. Now add a few drops of stonewashed ink to the moistened applicator felt and add color to the paper as you did in step #1, then wipe off the excess.
  3. Place the butterfly mask on remaining Color Me Glossy Flourish paper and trace around the top and bottom of the butterfly body. Remove the template and draw the sides to connect with the top and bottom, then cut out the body shape. Moisten the paper with blending solution, then add 2 drops of pitch black ink directly to the paper. Use the applicator to spread the ink over the paper. Wipe off the excess ink from the raised design.
  4. Apply drops of pitch black ink directly to the butterfly mask, then spread the ink over the mask with the applicator. Let dry. Align the mask with the inked Color Me Glossy butterfly shape and glue together. Use an applicator felt to apply silver metallic mixative ink to the edges of the butterfly and body. Foam tape the body over the center of the butterfly.
  5. Fold a 10" length of black Memory Thread in half and coil the ends on the paint brush handle. Zot the center of the Memory Thread beneath the head of the butterfly. Glue the butterfly angled on the card front and embellish with silver Jewel Dazzles. Add "Grandmother" sticker to the lower left portion of the card.

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