About Photos

Digital Photos
Now that almost everyone has digital cameras, storing actual photos has become much easier. Simply label your albums with dates each time you upload for easy organization.

The great thing about digital photos is that you can manipulate the photos to match your layouts. You can enlarge and crop your photos, change the color scale or even make it black & white or sepia toned.

Physical Photos
Correctly sorting, handling and storing your photos can make your scrapbooking much easier and efficient. Here are some suggestions for storage:

How you organize your photos depends on how you plan to arrange your album as well as your personal style of scrapbooking. Many people like to work chronologically, from the present to the past, but you can further organize the photos into theme or event albums, too.

Photo boxes, are a popular storage option. Many boxes come with dividers: either paper (like a recipe box) or plastic. Sort photos, then label dividers by date, theme or event for easy reference. These boxes are optimal for proper storage. Many photos are damaged from being shoved into a tight container or tossed in an oversized box. Because these boxes are designed for storing photographs, they are exactly the right size for storing photos properly. Keep photos stored upright. If you don’t have enough photos to fill the box, use acid-free paper to stuff one end. That way photos won’t slip under one another.

Three-ring binders filled with sheet protectors are another storage option.

Make color copies of very old photos and use the copies. That way you always have the original to use if you want to make more copies later. It may seem strange to get color copies of black and white photos, but you’ll be able to capture the shades and shadows much more clearly. Be sure the copies are made onto acid-free papers.

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