Action Shots

Kids are active human beings. They love to run, jump and play – it’s the essence of childhood. As scrapbookers, we want to capture that essence on film, but taking action shots can be a challenge. In the days of film cameras you would take several shots of a child playing basketball or dancing only to flip through a series of blurry shots once they were developed.

Digital cameras are a great tool to take “trial and error” shots because you can see the results instantly on the screen and delete the undesirable pictures. If you haven’t quite mastered the action shot or just need some tips to perfect your technique, look no further. Here are a few tricks I use to get great action photos:

  1. Don’t forget to set your digital camera for action or sports shots (Tip: Look in the scene menu on your camera to find these settings).
  2. Take lots of photos. Getting several shots of the action gives you choices when it’s time to pick out the ones to scrapbook. Plus, it really shows the movement you want to capture.
  3. Try taking some distance shots and some close ups to give variety, but be careful not to make your subjects a dot on a field of green – zoom in and fill the camera frame.

Scrapbooking Action Photos:

scrapbook project
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With action shots, using a series of photos can be a great way to tell the story by showing movement and progression. For this page to the right, I chose 3 different photos taken from varying distances to tell this story.

It’s important with action photos to use papers that enhance, but don’t overpower the pictures To get into the “spirit” of Lauren’s hula hoop, I selected circle border paper from the Finished in a Flash!™ Theme Park kit. I placed the border at the top and used a circle die-cut border for the bottom.

I created movement with these photos by using several in a row and placing them in a curved shape on the page. To create this look, I drew a curved border on a 12” wide paper and then cut it to 3 3/4” tall. I then glued the photos to the border, flipped it over and trimmed off the excess before gluing the border across my page.

Scrapbooking Supplies used to make this page:

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