Autumn Photo Opps

Ah, fall…the changing colors, the snap of cool air, the sound of fallen leaves on the sidewalk. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons—and I take most of my photos in the fall. Between back to school, Halloween and Thanksgiving, it’s one of the busiest times for our family. Of course, there are also the gorgeous leaves, crisp blue sky and that back-to-school feeling you never quite outgrow.

If you’re a busy parent like me—or if you love the autumn season as much as I do—you might feel the same way. So grab a glass of fresh-from-the-farm apple cider or a mug of cocoa, sit back and take a look at my list of must-have photo opps for fall!

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Back to School
I have a six-year-old daughter, which means that late August and early September are all about going back to school. If you have elementary school-age children, take advantage of this time to get as many photos as you can: In just a year or two, your child will not want you taking photos in the classroom!

For now, I make sure to get a photo of my daughter Lauren with her teacher on the first day of school, the “first day” outfit with the new backpack and Lauren standing in front of the school (preferably in front of the school sign). I’ll be able to get a photo of Lauren sitting at her desk for maybe another year before she feels it’s just far too embarrassing for me to be in the room with her.

My biggest tip for prolonging the photo-taking years as long as possible is this: Do not make a spectacle of yourself. Yes, Mom and Dad—that means you get in, take what you can get, and get out of the classroom or away from the bus. If you’re low-key about taking a few photos and resist the urge to pose your child, your chances are better for next year.

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Halloween…and all the Halloween pageantry
Halloween is a very big event at the Gerig house—there’s trick-or-treating, plus the kids’ party at our house and the Harvest Party at church.

We start with the Halloween photo opps in the middle of October. We invite 15-20 kids to our annual costume party for games and sugar-induced fun. Call us crazy but let’s face it, we parents spend a lot of time and money on Halloween costumes and we want them worn more than once.

The Harvest Party at church is another great place for candid photos—and portraits. Every year they bring in a hay bale and a photographer and everyone can get a digital family portrait taken.

Then of course there’s trick-or-treating on Halloween. When I was a kid, we’d trick-or-treat all over town until late at night, but times have changed and now we just visit a few neighbors, some special friends and family. This is where I take an indoor photo of Lauren in her costume—if weather permits here in Oregon, we might be able to take another picture outside too. I’ll take a few from-behind photos as she’s heading up the walkway to a neighbor’s house, and then later that night I’ll take another picture of her with her bounty.

Between parties and October 31st, I’m getting some good photo-taking mileage out of that $30 costume!

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Autumn Season & The Pumpkin Patch
Every year I decorate the house and the front porch with an autumn theme. I often get a hay bale and set out a scarecrow and some autumn plants on the front porch and I even have a special autumn-themed flag. I generally take a few photos of the porch and the house all decorated—some with Chris and me, some with just Lauren and some with all three of us. It makes a fun annual family photo.

And then there’s the pumpkin patch. What an amazing opportunity for photos! I’d say that we’re at the pumpkin patch pretty much every weekend in the fall. We have four different patches here in town, so we’ll go to different ones each weekend. It’s a great place to capture the beautiful autumn weather and changing colors, plus there’s the apple cider, fresh autumn vegetables, train rides, hay bales and of course—the pumpkins!

Like most families, we have special Thanksgiving traditions—which means that every year I find I’m taking pretty much the same photos: Chris carving the turkey, everyone gathered around the table, etc. Not much seems to change from year to year, but I bet when I compare Thanksgiving photos over a five or ten year span, I’ll see some really dramatic changes. The actual event becomes much less important than the way we change over the years—and what stays the same.

How To Scrapbook Autumn
With a season like autumn, you have a couple of options for scrapbooking. If you have school photos, you might consider starting an 8”x8” school album. A smaller size is a great way to make it easier to tackle the upcoming school year and to feel a sense of completion.

I generally include my seasonal pages in my main 12”x12” chronological scrapbook—the one with all the family birthdays and special occasions. I’ll group my photos by occasion, like “Pumpkin Patch” or “Thanksgiving”.

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