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If you're like me, you take a ton of photos around the holiday season! When it's time to scrap those Christmas memories there are lots of beautiful Christmas themed papers and embellishments you can use to create great pages. But did you know you're not limited to using just Christmas papers for your holiday layouts? It's true!

It's a myth that your papers and embellishments have to be a specific theme. Often scrappers rely on their papers and embellishments to create the theme for their pages. But don't forget, ultimately scrapbooking is all about your photos, and your photos are what set the tone and the theme for your page.

You can create pages with various themes in different ‘styles'. For example, the bohemian style is incredibly popular in the scrapbooking world right now. And while bohemian papers and techniques might not seem particularly "Christmasy," they make beautiful holiday pages.

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While this bohemian style page uses non-traditional patterned papers, it does use the traditional red and green Christmas colors. Both the color palette and the photos help convey the holiday theme without the papers being technically "Christmas." The only strictly Christmas elements on the page are a few Christmas themed rub-ons over distressed (sanded) brads that reinforce the theme of the pictures.

Another myth about Christmas pages is that they have to fit into the traditional Christmas palette of red and green. That's not true! Just like Christmas pages can come in a variety of different scrapbooking styles, they can also come in a wide variety of colors like blue and white, or brown and green.

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One layout I love to create each year features that year's Christmas card photo. It's a way to capture a family tradition (posing for the photo), plus it's a reminder of what Christmas card you sent out that year. I was able to create this bohemian-style page with this Christmas card where the pictures definitely theme the page as Christmas. The bohemian style contains lots of different elements, and uses lots of layers of patterns and embellishments. This non-traditional snow-themed holiday page works because the color scheme of blue, green and brown are reminiscent of winter. Also the pattern of swirls and circles is great because it represents falling snow. Add a few snowflake brads to complete the snowflake motif, and you've created a beautiful Christmas page with papers that are neither Christmas-themed nor Christmas colored.

Ideally the colors of your papers will complement the colors in your photos. One of the biggest mistakes a scrapbooker can make is choosing papers that don't flatter your photos. Still, sometimes you have a fabulous paper that you just can't wait to use—even though you don't have matching photos. A quick and easy solution is to turn your photos black and white before you print them. Black and white photos coordinate with almost any paper. This will create a classic look allowing you to use that special piece of paper while still allowing your photos to be the focus of your page.

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