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scrapbook project

I happen to be going to Disneyland this spring. It will be my 8-year-old daughter’s third visit to the park, and this year she’s old enough to have her own camera. So I plan to give her the new Disney Princesses Finished in a Flash!™ scrapbooking kit so that she can make her own album alongside mom (I’ll be doing my own as well, of course).

scrapbook project

Disneyland photos may seem easy, but in fact they can be rather tricky! If your child is looking for a particular Disney character for example, they could be hard to find. We spent a long time finding Wendy from Peter Pan, and when we did we had to chase her down to get the photo. I think she was on her way to the restroom! So if your child is a character collector, the best tips I can give you are to keep your eyes peeled at all times, and be ready for a lot of running around!

Another difficult part of Disney photos is that you aren't allowed to take any while you're on the rides. You can only take them outside, but you don't want to wind up with a dozen identical photos of your child outside different rides, so try telling them to pose like a certain character from the ride they're about to go on, or even just to make a face (which can result in some of the funniest photos you'll ever take).

Of course, there's more to Disneyland than just going on rides, so be sure to get plenty of photos at the Sleeping Beauty castle, the early 20th-century memories of Main Street, U.S.A., Tarzan's Treehouse, the parades and fireworks, and Mickey and Minnie's houses…to name but a few.

scrapbook project

Another difficulty can be taking pictures of your family amongst a crowd of other people. Try zooming in on your subjects slightly, and don't forget to try turning the camera vertically! (It can be easy to forget that sometimes with those digital cameras that don't have a viewfinder.) And if someone does walk into the corner of your picture, just cover them up with one of the punch-outs or Brad Buddies™ included in the Finished in a Flash!™ kits.

Finally, don't forget that Disneyland is only the destination on your journey, so don't be afraid to take photos on the way down there! Photos of your kids planning what they want to do at Disneyland (maybe holding up a map?) can be a great intro. Your hotel room and the restaurants you eat at outside of Disneyland are a part of your trip as well!

Not planning a trip to the park? You can still create Disney-themed pages. You might scrapbook your child's Halloween costumes throughout the years, especially if they choose a lot of Disney characters. You could also use the kits to document a Disney-themed birthday party, or even just to give your kids a jump-start on their own scrapbooks!

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