My Top 10 Shortcuts

What’s the number one complaint I hear from my fellow scrapbookers? They don’t have enough time! That’s why I’ve compiled my top 10 list of shortcuts—simple things that save me tons of time.

1. Don’t Get Caught Up in Measuring
I rarely measure exactly. While the instructions may say to leave a 1/8" mat around all sides of a picture, I tend to eyeball it. The important thing is that the end result is pleasing to you, not that it’s perfect.

scrapbook project
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2. Create a Quick Title
Add black or whiteABC rub-ons to your Great Big Brads™, then use them as monograms and first letters in journaling. You might also attach a series of brads in a row to create customized page titles, names and more. I find it easier and less stressful to purposefully stagger the brads when attaching multiple brads in a row.

scrapbook project
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3. Finished in a Flash!™
This is a brand-new product from Hot Off The Press that’s already saving me a ton of time. Finished in a Flash!™ page kits contain everything you need to make great scrapbook pages, the papers, the art, the brads, and the ribbons, plus two Brad Buddies™! The only things you’ll need are a paper trimmer and adhesive.

4. Easy Double Matting
When a page calls for double matting, I often skip the second mat and simply ink the edges of the pages. This creates the same visual effect as another mat, but takes a lot less time to do. To ink the edges of your papers, simply hold your ink pad in one hand and your paper in the other, then move the edge of the paper along the surface of the ink pad. Be sure to test your ink pad on scrap paper first—some ink pads are "juicier" than others. Start with a light touch, then add more if desired.

scrapbook project
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5. Embellish-abilities™
These kits are great! All the embellishments are perfectly coordinated and each Embellish-abilities™ kit perfectly matches a sarapapers™ collection. Personally, I love that each kit has 80 mini brads. I use a ton of them on my pages but I still never run out.

6. Adding Buttons with Faux Stitching
I love the dimension buttons add to a page but I rarely take the time to stitch them on. Instead, I’ll thread embroidery thread or a very thin strip of paper just through the holes, then use a Zot™ to attach the buttons to my paper.

scrapbook project
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7. Creative Packs
Creative Packs are a great time saver for card makers and scrapbookers alike. I love that the embellishments in these kits are small enough to be ideal for cards, but versatile enough to be used on scrapbook pages as well. The embellishments are perfectly coordinated with each other and designed to match all of the other products in the Cardmaker's line (like ribbons, Creative Packs and Instant Card Art).

8. Ribbon
Ribbon is a great way to quickly add dimension to your scrapbook page. My favorite technique is to tie a knot in a piece of ribbon, then trim the tails at an angle (to prevent them from fraying) and use a Zot™ to secure the knot at the corner of a photo or next to my journaling. It’s a really fast, easy way to add a little something extra to my page.

scrapbook project
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9. Instant Card Art
Instant Card Art is another major time saver for card makers. I love that you can just choose the art you want for your card, punch it out and go. Plus, if I’m ever stumped for inspiration, this pack includes 17 amazing card ideas!

10. Easy Matting
To create a quick and easy mat, start by placing you picture at the edge of the paper you want to use as a mat. Then double the border amount of the length and width you want (remember you don’t have to measure exactly). Cut out the mat and place your photo in the center. By using the corners of the paper and only having to worry about cutting two straight lines instead of four, I save a ton of time!

I never have as much time to scrapbook as I would like. I use these shortcuts to save me tons of time, and get more pages done as a result!

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