Plain & Simple ABCs

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Alphabet stamps are one of the most versatile and practical supplies a scrapbooker can have. They’re perfect for journaling. Even better—they do double-duty as a must-have card making tool.

Never tried stamping? It’s easy—I’ll guide you through!

Getting Started:
A traditional stamp—the kind we remember from our childhood–is attached to a wood block, which makes it hard to see exactly where you’re placing the image. That’s why I like using clear acrylic stamps. The stamps cling to a clear acrylic without any adhesive, so you can see exactly where you’re stamping.

scrapbook project
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Stamping Instructions:

  1. Line up your stamps as desired on the acrylic block, stamp-side facing out. Alphabet stamps can be perfectly lined up on the block, or attached with each letter going at an angle—your choice! If you want them perfectly lined up, place your block on top of a sheet of lined paper and use the lines as your guide.
  2. Rather than pushing the stamp onto the ink, turn the block over and apply ink directly to the stamp.
  3. Place your stamp where you want the image to go, looking through the block to get the right spot.
  4. Gently but firmly press the block evenly. Don’t press too hard or you’ll “smoosh” the letters and distort the image!

You may want to try it a piece of scrap paper a few times before applying directly to your project.

For this kind of stamping, I like StazOn inks because they dry quickly and work well on glossy surfaces such as photographs and even metal, as well as on ordinary papers.

scrapbook project
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On this page you can see two different uses of the Plain & Simple ABCs. I lined up the letters evenly, mixing capitals and lowercase letters, and stamped a title. A lot of alphabet stamps come with only one capital and one lowercase of each letter, but Plain & Simple ABCs come with multiples of each, so you can create words that have multiples of the same letter (like two “e”s in the dog's name, “Pete”.

But sometimes lining letters perfectly can be hard, so on the front of the princess party invitation I offset the letters so that they’re crooked intentionally, which looks whimsical and is very easy to do! Stamping is especially great for something like invitations, because you can stamp and re-stamp over and over again to make as many invites as you need.

This month I used the Plain & Simple ABCs stamps and black StazOn ink with a standard 2"x6" acrylic block. The dog layout also features creative Journaling stamps. You'll find it all at!

Further Reading:
To learn more about stamping, check out the Stamping 101 website (like Scrapbooking 101, but for stamping!). And don't forget to check out the Stamps Only! Personal Shopper program, too.

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