Quick Cards with Decorated Brads

Many of us have found ourselves in the situation where we are only hours away from attending a birthday party or other event and have yet to make a card. I know I have from time-to-time. Decorated Brads make a fabulous embellishment for any project and are a perfect time saver for creating quick and creative cards.

Don’t let the funny metal “legs” intimidate you – brads are very easy to use. Plus, they don’t require additional tools.

Setting brads – it’s easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Line up your brad on the paper where you want it to go with the “legs” down.
  2. Press the “legs” through the paper so they come out the other side. (Tip: If you are having trouble poking the legs through thicker paper, first poke a hole with a pin or use a 1/16” hole punch and then insert the brad.)
  3. Separate the legs and bend them flat to the back of the paper, securing the brad in place.

scrapbook project

Uneven Numbers:
To the human eye, odd numbered elements are more visually pleasing than even numbered ones. For this “Happy Birthday” card to the right I used three butterfly brads to create the embellished strip near the bottom of the card. (Tip: To keep brad “legs” from showing on the inside of the card, secure the brads to the top layers of paper before gluing them to the card.)

scrapbook project

A single brad, clustered within a collage, can make a fun and easy embellishment. On the “Celebrate” card, I layered a cut-out on a tag, at an angle, and topped it with a single candle brad, also angled.

scrapbook project

Visual Echoes:
Repeating elements in a project provides a visual connection. For this “Celebrate” card, I used the decorated candle brads on both the front and the inside of the card.

Decorated Brads are a great embellishment for any project and, with multiple brads in each package, you can create several projects with just one pack! To see the entire range of Decorated Brads, just click here.

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