Using Embellishments

I love using embellishments. They complement your photos, the paper you’ve chosen and add dimension and color to a page. Plus they’re a ton of fun!

scrapbook project
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My favorite embellishments are brads, ribbons, silk flowers and something called Brad Buddies™. I use these embellishments to accent journaling blocks, support the theme of my project and fill in a blank area of a photo or a page. In this layout I used a Brad Buddy™ (one of my absolute favorite embellishments!) to fill in space.

Remember that paper can be an embellishment too. Tags and borders are great page accents. I like to add a little dimension to my pages by using foam tape to raise the tags. One of the things I’ve learned while scrapbooking is to use this technique sparingly. Using foam tape on all the tags or cutouts on my page diminishes the overall effect—I might as well have not done it at all. You can also give dimension to paper embellishments by adding a 3-D element, like using a brad in the center of a paper flower or tucking a piece of ribbon behind a tag.

scrapbook project
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I love how the right embellishments can establish the theme of a page instantly. For example, Paris created this vacation page by using vacation-themed embellishments, but not traditional vacation papers.

There are so many embellishments you can use! Silk flowers and ribbon can add a beautiful feminine touch to any page. And if you tie the ribbon in a knot instead of a bow, you have a look that works for masculine pages too!

scrapbook project
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My current favorite embellishments are Brad Buddies™. These are great metal page accents and they come with the brads to attach them. They are all so cute! And they’re versatile—they also make great card focals. Romance Brad Buddies™ made this amazing Valentine’s card.

How to Attach Your Embellishments

Brads: I always mark with a pencil where I want to insert the brad, then make a small hole with a pair of sharp scissors so it’s easier to insert the brad. This saves a lot of struggle because sometimes brads don’t want to push easily through paper (especially cardstock).

Ribbon: I like to attach ribbon using either brads or Zots™. If I’m using ribbon as a border I use a good quality glue stick. I like the Embellishment Glue Stick since it’s designed specifically for embellishments. Apply the glue to the back of the ribbon and place it where you want on the page. Make sure the ribbon is pulled taut and viola—you’ve got a great border.

Silk Flowers: Silk flowers make great accents. Attach them to your page with a brad. I love using Great Big Brads™ because they’re the perfect size for the center of most flowers.

Brad Buddies™: These embellishments come with the brads to attach them. I place the metal shape on my paper, use a pencil to mark the holes, remove the metal piece, poke the holes with scissors and I’m set!

Embellishments are great additions to scrapbook pages, and they also work beautifully for cards. Finding embellishments that are sized for cards can be tricky, that’s why I love Creative Kits. These embellishments are designed to be perfect for cards (though they can work for scrapbooking for too!).

Adding embellishments is one of my favorite parts of scrapbooking! I love the way embellishments complete a page, creating a beautiful finished look.

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