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Winter Fun
With the busyness of the holiday season behind us and the new year officially underway, this is a great time of year to catch up on scrapbooking. And where better to start than with all those winter photos? Stay inside, grab a cup of hot cocoa and take inspiration from the colors of the season around you to scrap right through these chilly days–and keep your fingers crossed for a warm spring!

About this Page
Featuring one special photo on each page, LeNae created this simple double-page spread using new Paper Pizazz® 8”x8” 4 Seasons Papers. She selected two coordinating papers from the winter color set for the background (remember: Your background papers don’t have to match exactly!), then used the textured companion papers for photo mats and journaling. She added winter-themed artwork cut-outs around the photos, attaching some with foam tape for dimension. LeNae added tons of metallic shine to this spread by accenting the artwork and journaling block with pearly brads and shiny silver pinwheels.

Patterned Paper Tip
When just beginning to explore the scrapbooking hobby, you’ll find that purchasing a book of paper is usually easier than purchasing single sheets and trying to coordinate them on your own. Purchasing a book of paper will save you tons of time and still leave plenty of opportunity for personalizing your pages. For example, the collection of Paper Pizazz® 8”x8” 4 Seasons Papers includes four coordinating color sets–one for each season. However, just because they come in four different sets doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match them on your own! On this “Winter Fun” layout, LeNae used a blue textured and a purple textured paper from the winter color set for a photo mat and a journaling block, then selected an aqua textured paper from the summer set to use as another photo mat.

LeNae’s Tip of The Month:scrapbook project

Pinwheels each have a hole in the center for adding brads, ribbon and more!

Notice a silver mini brad has been added to the center of the pinwheel. Note: Pre-poking or punching a hole in your paper will make it easier to add the brad and pinwheel set, to your page.

LeNae’s Tip of the Month
Mini brads are a hot scrapbooking embellishment because they’re colorful, shiny, dimensional and functional all at once. What if you want to jazz up those brads, or make all those mini brads take up a little more space? Pinwheels are a great companion to mini brads, and they’re versatile enough to be used on their own, too. Pinwheels are decorative metal embellishments that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Each pinwheel has a hole in the center where you can add a brad or thread the pinwheel onto a ribbon length. Try adding a brad that is the same color as the pinwheel for a sleek, traditional look, or mix it up with a different colored brad for added interest and personality. Whether you add a pinwheel to the top of a tag, use one to replace the letter “o” in a journaling block or page title, dangle them like charms from ribbon tails or use them to accent artwork like LeNae did on this wintry layout, pinwheels are so easy to use and they’ll add new shine and dimension to all your scrapbooking projects!

LeNae’s Steps to Making this Layout:
For the Left Page:

  1. Use the blue stripe paper as the background, orienting the paper so the stripes run vertically. Cut out the “winter” tab and glue it behind the top left edge of a vertical photo. Mat the photo on blue texture paper, trim the mat to 3/16” and ink the edges with black. Glue the photo over the left side of the page.
  2. Cut out the mittens, scarf, and hat artwork and glue them in an array down the right side of the page, as shown. Use one pearl mini brad to attach one silver pinwheel to the hat artwork. Cut out two of the circular snowflakes and add a piece of foam tape to the back of each. Punch a 1/16” hole in the center of each snowflake, going through both the artwork and the foam tape. Use one pearl mini brad to attach one silver pinwheel to the center of each of the snowflakes, inserting the brad into the hole and fastening on the back of the foam tape. Secure both accented snowflakes down the bottom left edge of the photo.

For the Right Page:

  1. Use the lavender with blue stripe border paper as the background, orienting the paper so the border runs along the top edge. Mat a horizontal photo on aqua texture paper, trim the mat to 1/8” and ink the edges with black. Glue the matted photo just above center on the lavender portion of the background paper.
  2. Cut out the tag and the remaining circular snowflake. Glue the tag at an angle in the top left corner of the photo. Add a piece of foam tape to the back of the circular snowflake, add one pearl mini brad and one silver pinwheel to the center and attach the snowflake to the tag. Cut a 3” length of aqua grosgrain ribbon and trim the tails at an angle. Tie a knot in the center of the ribbon length and use a Glue Dot™ to attach the knot to the top of the tag.
  3. Cut a 6” long rectangle of purple texture paper and ink the edges with black. Use a black pen to journal onto the paper, leaving extra empty space on the left end. Glue the journaling centered along the bottom edge of the photo, covering both the bottom of the photo and the photo mat. Use two pearl mini brads to attach two silver pinwheels in the empty space down the left end of the journaling block.
  4. Use a black pen to journal the year onto the background paper down the top right edge of the photo mat. Cut out the “Winter Fun” phrase and use foam tape to secure it over the right end of the border printed on the background paper.

LeNae’s Supplies for Making this Layout:

Scrapbooking beginners will love the latest idea book from Hot Off The Press: Design Elements. You’ll have tons of fresh tips and instruction for how to create balanced, finished looking layouts with ease, plus 150 pages samples for reference and inspiration!

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