Loveable Valentines
By: LeNae Gerig

scrapbook project
scrapbook project
LeNae Gerig

Designer’s Tip:
Consider using the cut-away portion of the sunburst for a second page or a card.


  • Robin’s Red Paper Pack (link)
  • Robin’s Red Ribbon Set (link)
  • Love & 5 Hearts Cutting Dies (link)
  • Red Heart Jewel Dazzles™ (link)
  • 4” Round Paper Doilies (link)
  • Ruby Slippers Glitter (link)
  • Crystal Micro Glitter (link)
  • Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets (link)
  • White Cardstock (link)
  • Black Ink Pad (link)
  • Die Cutting Machine (link)
  • Zots™ Adhesive Dots (link)
  • Glue Stick (link)
  • Fine tip black pen (link) or computer printer


  1. Place Robin’s Red border paper with border at the bottom. Ink edges of 2 3/4”x5” Robin’s Red red dot paper and glue 1/4” from the right and 3” from the top.
  2. Cut 3 photos into 2 1/8” squares and glue in a row on white cardstock, leaving 1/16” borders as shown. Mat with Robin’s Red aqua tapestry paper, leaving 5/8” border and ink edges. Place the photo strip 1 1/2” from right side of page and 4” from top, without gluing down.
  3. Die cut double-sided adhesive sheet with Love & 5 Hearts Cutting Dies 4 1/4”x4” heart and cover one side with red glitter. Peel away backing and place around left end of photo strip as shown. Glue the paper doily behind the top right end of the photo strip as shown. Glue photo strip in place.
  4. Die cut the Love & 5 Hearts Cutting Dies “Love” from double-sided adhesive sheet and cover one side with red glitter. Peel backing and stick to doily as shown. Cut adhesive with three 5/8”x5/8” hearts and apply red glitter to the hearts and innie hearts. “Sprinkle” the red glitter hearts to extend down the right side of the page as shown. Place a 3” square of white cardstock on one side of double-sided adhesive sheet. Die cut five 5/8”x5/8” hearts. Remove backing and apply glitter to sticky side. Glue the cardstock side directly to the page among the red hearts as shown. Place Red Heart Jewel Dazzles™ among the tiny heart die cuts as shown.
  5. Journaling: Write or print the year on a 1/4” wide strip of white cardstock and ink the edges. Cut another length of white cardstock and place a Red Heart Jewel Dazzles™ as shown. Glue paper strips, overlapping, to the large die cut heart as shown. Use a 1/4” wide Robin’s Red white glitter ribbon to make a bow and Zot bow to ends of paper strips. Write or print page title on 5/8” wide white cardstock strip, ink the edges and glue under the photo strip as shown. Place Red Heart Jewel Dazzles™ at the ends and use 1/4” wide Robin’s Red red sheer ribbon to make a bow and Zot under the title as shown.

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