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How to Speak Scrapper
Of course you scrapbook about what you love, right? Your husband, your kids, your family vacations and favorite places—even your family pet. But did you ever think about scrapbooking ABOUT scrapbooking? While it may seem a little too self-focused, it is an important part of your life. You may scrapbook about a family trip to Disneyland or your son’s baseball game—even about your job or a relationship you have with someone, but it’s also important not to leave out scrapbooking something you spend so much of your time focused on.

About This Page
LeNae’s husband often claims that scrapbookers have a language all their own, and your family may agree. To help her husband and others understand some of the basic terms used in scrapbooking, LeNae decided to create this page. Using a pink sponged background, LeNae added a wide strip of pink and brown striped, then embellished with brown and pink dot border and brown and pink alphabet tiles. She matted the photo on brown and used a wide piece of grosgrain and a closure to create a belt border for the bottom of the page.

Patterned Paper Tip
With a black and white photo, LeNae was free to choose from tons of color combinations. She selected pink and brown tones—the brown is calm and neutral like the tones in the photo and the pink is light and cheery, the perfect complement. LeNae used pink sponged for the background, and matted the photo on brown cardstock. She cut a 4 1/2” strip of pink and brown striped and placed it near the right edge of the background. She also added a brown and pink dot border horizontally towards the top of the page, then layered the photo over it, leaving a little of the striped paper showing on the right. LeNae computer journaled her definitions on brown sponged, and added alternating pink and brown alphabet tiles for the page title. She placed some of the title on the top portion of the photo to continue the layering effect.

LeNae’s Tip of the Month: Scrapbooking Your Passion
Scrapbooking your passion for creating page designs is important. Just as your daughter’s love for dance or your husband’s love of cars is important to share in a family album, so is your love of scrapbooking. How else will people know about you, the creator of those gorgeous family albums? Besides, if you don’t do it, who will?

LeNae chose to focus on the unique vocabulary and culture of scrapbooking by sharing key words and defining them. She added a photo of a mother, daughter and granddaughter looking through a family album to share the significance. That’s just one way to celebrate your passion.

Another great way to scrapbook about your passion is to create a mock interview page where you answer questions such as “Why do you scrapbook?”, “When did you begin scrapbooking?” and “What inspires you?”. Ask a friend or family member to take a photo of you scrapbooking (you know, spread out at the table with mounds of supplies and photos all around) and include it in the layout. If there’s a certain reason you began scrapbooking, create a page just about that—include photos to illustrate the reason and write about it.

Another great idea? Create and “About the Author” page to include in the family album where you describe yourself. Include your love for scrapbooking, your favorite things, etc. However you include your passion for scrapbooking in your albums, make sure you do it—it’s important to share that love.

LeNae’s Steps to Creating This Layout:

  1. The background. LeNae used the pink sponged paper as her background and cut a 4 1/2” to 5” piece of pink and brown stripes (so the stripes are horizontal). She glued this, about 1/2” from the right edge of the page. LeNae also cut out the brown and pink dots border and glued it horizontally across the page, about 2” from the top of the page, overlapping the pink and brown stripes strip.
  2. Matting the photo. LeNae matted her photo on brown cardstock, leaving 1/8” on each side. She glued the photo centered to the right side of the page, leaving a bit of the pink and brown stripes paper showing.
  3. Journaling. LeNae used the computer to journal her words and definitions in blocks. She cut a piece of brown sponged down to 8 1/2” and printed the journaling, then used the Tags #2 Template to trace around and cut out each of the four journaling blocks. LeNae inked the edges of each journaling block with black and let them dry, then punched a hole and inserted a gold brad in each end of them and added them to the left side of the page, under the dots border.
  4. Creating the belt border. LeNae used pink grosgrain ribbon and cut it in 11” and 5” lengths. She wrapped one end of the 11” length around both closure rings, then secured it with two gold brads. Then she threaded the 5” length through the closure rings on the other side. LeNae placed the “belt” on the page, overlapping the bottom of the photo and wrapped the ends around the back of the page, securing them with clear tape.
  5. Adding the page title. LeNae cut out the alternating pink and brown alphabet tiles to spell her title, then added them with foam tape. She angled the tiles for a whimsical look, placing some on the top of the photo and some on the belt for balance.

LeNae’s Supplies:

Page reprinted from Scrapbook Recipes for Journaling.

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