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Classic colors like black, red and white make the perfect backdrop for love-themed photos and layouts. And what's better for love and Valentine's Day than chocolate?! LeNae selected papers from the Use 'Em for Anything Chocolate collection to build this background, then used monograms from the coordinating Chocolate Monograms collection as embellishments. But she didn't stop there! LeNae turned to the Classic Creative Kit to accent the page with ribbons, brads and silk flowers that are loaded with textured and dimension..

Embellishing Monograms
Monogram punch-outs are perfect for scrapbookers of all skill levels, because they're so easy to use! All you do is punch them out and attach them to your project. After you punch out the monograms, you'll notice tiny paper nibs around the edges that were helping to hold the monogram in the book. You might prefer to sand or trim off the nibs before adding the monograms to your project.

While Monograms make easy, striking accents when used as is, adventurous scrappers can alter and embellish the monograms to add personality. On this “Love U” layout, LeNae used various techniques for embellishing her monograms. She tied ribbon around them, added brads, punched holes and even glued paper to them. Other ideas? Try sanding or inking the edges of the monograms, covering them entirely with paper or even stamping on them.

LeNae’s Supplies for Making this Layout:

LeNae's Steps to Making this Layout:

  1. Place a sheet of black striped paper with the stripes running vertically. Glue a 3"-wide strip of white squares paper 5" from the top of the striped paper.
  2. Mat a 9"x6" photo on white cardstock, trim the mat to 1/16" and ink the edges. Mat again on red cardstock and trim to 1/4". Glue the photo centered over the white squares paper.
  3. Punch out white “L”, “V”, “E” and “U” monograms. Tie ribbons around the “L” and foam tape it in the top left corner of the page. Attach a red silk flower to the right of the “L” with a black and white square brad. Punch four holes in the “V”, then mat on red cardstock and trim to about 1/16". Foam tape the “V” to the right of the flower. Attach the “E” to the right of the “V” with three red mini brads.
  4. Glue a 1 1/4"-wide strip of white squares paper across the “U”, then trim the paper even with the monogram edges. Glue the “U” at an angle in the bottom right corner of the page. Hold together two ribbons and knot them together, then Zot™ the knot to the top of the “U”. Attach a red silk flower to the right side of the “U” with a black mini brad.
  5. Computer journal in two strips on white cardstock. Ink the edges, then glue the strips in the bottom left corner of the page (with one overlapping the photo). Add red arrow brads to the left end of the journaling strips.

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