LeNae loves coming up with simple ways to embellish her pages. This button border matches perfectly with the red and blue papers and is great way to add detail to a simple layout.

About this page: LeNae used a sheet of red texture for her bottom sheet (her background paper), then glued a strip of red/blue stripe paper to the bottom of the page. She added blue buttons over the seam between the two patterns and used thread to hang alphabet tile cut-outs from the buttons. LeNae also cut a small piece of the striped paper to create a border under her journaling and added a blue strip with a red button above the journaling to frame it.

Paper-Picking Tip: According to LeNae, “You can’t go wrong with red and blue for boys.” She selected a red and blue striped and red textured patterned papers to complement the photos. The blue matches the jeans both boys are wearing while the red matches the slide in the background. It’s both masculine and fun.

LeNae’s Tip of the Month:While you can actually sew buttons to a page with a needle and thread, LeNae used Mini Glue Dots™ to save time. The Mini Glue Dots™ hold well and won’t show through the buttonholes. To use the Mini Glue Dots™, press the button onto the Glue Dot™ while it is still on the liner strip, then pull the button off. The Glue Dot™ should come off of the liner strip attached to the button and ready to place on the page. You’ll want to be careful when placing them—Glue Dots™ are sticky, so don’t handle them with your hands!

LeNae also used the buttons as a great way to “hang” her alphabet tile title.

LeNae’s Steps to Make This Layout

  1. Cut a 12” x 3” piece of striped paper so the stripes are vertical. Glue to the bottom of the red texture paper.
  2. Add the button border: Attach blue buttons side-by-side across seam where the two patterned papers come together by placing a Mini Glue Dot™ on the back of each button, then pressing onto page.
  3. Mat your photos: Mat each photo on white paper, then on blue paper. Attach the to the top part of the page, slightly overlapping as shown. By overlapping the photos, the eye easily flows from one to the other.
  4. Create your journaling block: Type your journaling on the computer, then print on white paper. Cut into a rectangle and attach it to the page. Cut a 4” x 1/4” strip of blue and glue it above the journaling. Add a Mini Glue Dot™ to the red button and attach it to the center of the blue strip. Cut a 4” x 1” piece of striped paper and glue it below the journaling.
  5. Add the page title: Cut out the alphabet tiles and punch a hole in the top of each one. String them on varying lengths of thread, then tie the ends of each one together. Hang the tiles from the buttons as shown.

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