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When We Were Little
It’s always fun to think back on the past and connect it to the present day. That’s just what I did with this layout about my friend Theresa and I. When I was little, Theresa and I shared everything—we played together and dreamed together. Today we both have daughters of our own. I wanted to capture this legacy in a page, showcasing the past and the present together to tell the story.

About This Page
LeNae used a blocked purple floral ephemera paper for the background. The printed grosgrain ribbon creates a perfect border down the left side. LeNae used this for three old photos of herself and Theresa. She journaled on torn strips of lavender vellum and tore out words from Definitions & Words Ephemera. LeNae used a photo of Lauren and Maxine (their daughters) on the right side of the page. The photo captures your attention and guides your eye down the layout to read her journaling strips. She accented the main photo with lavender ribbons and tags.

Patterned Paper Tip
This purple blocked floral ephemera paper is a happy medium for the layout—the floral pattern is the perfect mix between modern and aged. The patterns are subtle enough to fit in well with older photos, not overwhelming them with color, but modern enough to go with the recent photo of Lauren and Maxine. The lavender is light enough that while it doesn’t coordinate exactly with any of the photos, it’s also not competing with them for attention. The black cardstock under the main photo keeps it from getting lost on the lavender vellum mat, while the torn edges of the lavender vellum make the journaling strips stand out. The printed grosgrain border in the background adds the illusion of texture to the page. LeNae lifted the ribbon by cutting some of the edges with an X-acto® knife and tucked photos underneath to give the page dimension.

LeNae’s Tip of the Month: Mixing the Old and New
It’s amazing to me how you can always look back on life and find similarities or ironies—whether you look exactly as your mother or grandmother did at your age, or a little girl dream just happened to come true. It’s simple to combine the elements of the past and present to commemorate those occurrences. In this case, the photo of Lauren and Maxine together reminded me greatly of Theresa and I as little girls—how we loved to spend time together and always hoped someday we’d have little girls of our own. By selecting photos or memorabilia from the past and mixing them with those of the present, there are numerous ways you can scrapbook the elements together. Create a “When We Were…” page as I did here, a “Like Mother, Like Daughter” type page or even a “Then and Now” page. Remember, you can also create layouts that celebrate differences in the past and present—compare how different your daughter is now from how you were at that age or how your life is different now then it was at a particular time in the past. Your family will appreciate knowing these stories.

LeNae’s Steps to Making This Layout:

  1. The background. LeNae selected this blocked lavender floral ephemera background paper with the printed ribbon border and turned the paper so the ribbon was on the left side in a vertical position.
  2. The left border. LeNae selected three photos of herself and Theresa to use on the left side of the page. The pictures already had a white border around them, so no matting was necessary. She laid the photos out and determined where she wanted, then used a pencil to mark where the photos went over the ribbon border. LeNae removed the photos and placed her background paper on the cutting mat. She used her X-acto® knife and ruler to cut slits in the edges of the ribbon where the photos would overlap. Then she replaced her photos, slipping them under the cut portions of the ribbon and glued them in place. She tore out the words “special” and “girlfriend” from the ephemera book, added lavender chalk to them and wrote the year on one. She added this to the top left corner of the bottom photo, then cut a small piece of ribbon and glued it under the “special” on the top photo. LeNae punched out the small lavender tag, wrote their names on it and added it to the corner of the middle photo with a brad.
  3. The main photo. LeNae matted the large photo on black and trimmed it to 1/8”, then folded a piece of lavender ribbon in half and knotted in the center. She punched out the two tags and glued the torn words to them. LeNae punched a hole in the top of each tag, then threaded one end of the ribbon through each tag and knotted it. She tucked the folded end of the ribbon behind the black mat, then matted the photo again on lavender vellum, trimming to 1/4”. LeNae secured the tags by placing foam tape behind them and she used a black pen to journal Lauren and Maxine’s names and the year on the bottom of the vellum mat.
  4. The journaling. LeNae journaled on the vellum, then tore it into strips, leaving the right edge of the page title and one other strip untorn. LeNae added the page title above the photo with a brad on the left side, then added the other strips as shown.

LeNae Supplies for Making This Layout:

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