scrapbook project
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scrapbook project
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About the Page:
Bright colors, festive cheer – and even a string of Mardi Gras beads! Take a look at LeNae’s fresh, fun layout celebrating the style of New Orleans.

The Travel Brad Buddies™ are neutral in color, so LeNae was able to easily incorporate them with the Use ‘Em For Anything Citrus papers to create this very fun New Orleans-themed page spread. To reinforce the vibrant colors of the city, LeNae used border papers in two different colors. She tied the two pages together with coordinating mats for her larger photos and matching Mardi Gras necklaces made of brads and penwork.

Working with Brad Buddies™:
Brad Buddies™ are a fantastically versatile embellishment. They’re three-dimensional, yet lightweight enough that you can use several of them on a single project. They can be used as is, or enhanced with ink or sandpaper to create a different look. LeNae sanded, added penwork and even wrapped the Brad Buddies™ with embroidery floss!

LeNae’s Steps to Making This Layout:
For the Left Page:

  1. Mat a 4”x6” photo, first with a 1/16”-wide teal mat and then a 1/8”-wide white mat. (Tip: Contrast is very important when matting. She used colors from one page to mat the photos on the other. This helps coordinate the layouts and makes the photos really pop!) Attach to the orange border background paper, placing the photo along the border.
  2. Create the title by embellishing the monogram letters with sanded edges, flowers and brads. (Tip: When you sand the letters, a white edge will appear, adding contrast and coordinating with the border.)
  3. Mat the two 2 1/2 ”x3” photos: One on teal paper and one on lime. Trim the mats to 1/16” and overlap them at the bottom corner of the page.
  4. Create the Mardi Gras necklace embellishment by first drawing a squiggly line from the edge of the photos, then secure standard and mini brads spaced along the pen line. (Tip: Cover brad legs on the back of your background paper with acid-free tape to keep them from catching on your page protector.)
  5. Attach a small lime flower to the background paper with a teal brad; add a small pink flower with a lime brad.
  6. Add the camera Brad Buddy™, slightly overlapping one of the small photos.
  7. Wrap black embroidery thread around each side of the suitcase Brad Buddy™, tying the thread in knots at the top of the suitcase. Sand edges of brads (green round, red square, and blue triangle) bringing out the metal under the paint. Attach to the page, near the title.
  8. Cut out journaling blocks to fit your writing and ink the edges black to help them “pop” off the page.

For the Right Page:

  1. Mat the 4”x6” photo, first with a 1/16”-wide orange mat and then a 1/8”-wide white mat. Repeat elements from the first page using flowers and Mardi Gras necklace to embellish the 4”x6” photo.
  2. Mat two 3 1/2” squares on yellow and trim to 1/8”. Place the photos on 4 1/4”x2 1/2” half-mats of orange swirl patterned paper. (Tip: to balance the photos, add the half-mat to the top of one photo and bottom of the other).
  3. Create a grouping of flowers and Brad Buddies™ between the two square photos. Add a small pink flower with a lime brad, a punch-out flower (sanded and attached with foam tape) and the camera Brad Buddy™.
  4. Use a fine-tip permanent marker (a Sharpie® works best) to outline the words “wish you were here” on the postcard Brad Buddy™. Sand edges of postage stamp brad. Secure on top of a large green flower, then attach the flower to the page.


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