scrapbook project
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Spring is here! With longer days and warmer weather it’s hard not to get excited! See how LeNae used the new Super Sized Flower Brads to spring forward with this great page.

LeNae used the versatility of a larger embellishment and incorporated two of the Super Sized Flower Brads into her title. These flowers can be used as is, or can be altered to fit your project.

Embellishing Super Sized Brads with paper:

  1. Place a small amount of glue on the backside of the outline flower brad. Press paper onto the backside of the brad so you can see the paper pattern through the front of the flower. Use a small pair of scissors or a craft knife to trim excess paper from around the edges of the flower. (Tip: Cut off excess paper just inside the shape of the brad so there isn’t any sticking outside the lines.)
  2. To create the “center” of the flower, punch a 1/4” circle from a solid color paper. Glue to the top of the brad with a glue stick.

LeNae’s Tips to Making this Page:

  1. Mat a 6”x9” photo first on white and then on orange cardstock, leaving a 1/8”-wide border of each. Use an X-acto® knife to make slits through the photo and mats to attach the brad. (Tip: First line up the brad where you want it on the photo and push it down just hard enough so the prongs make an indentation. Then you know exactly where to make your slits!) Push the embellished White Super Sized Flower Brad through the matted photo and flatten the prongs to adhere it to the photo. Once you’ve attached the brad, adhere the photo to the pink polka-dot border paper.
  2. Journal on white cardstock and cut into strips. Use foam tape to adhere them on top of and next to the photo for added dimension.
  3. Punch out the letters “B” “L” & “M” from the Citrus Monograms and mat them on white cardstock. Use scissors to cut around the letters leaving a small white border. This will help the letters stand out against the vibrant background paper. Replace the “O’s” in “Bloom” with a white and yellow Super Sized Flower Brad. To distress the white flower, rub the edges with sandpaper or an emery board to bring out the metal. (Tip: The white flower is embellished with a punched orange circle in the center, while the yellow flower is attached to the striped paper.)
  4. Attach your title to the background papers. (Tip: After you fold the brad prongs down on the back of your background paper, use tape to cover them. This will keep them from getting caught on your page protector.)


scrapbook project

Bonus Birthday Card!
Often times when you are finished making a scrapbook page, you have elements left over. A great idea is to take any scrap paper or extra embellishments and make a greeting card. It’s a fantastic use of your leftovers and builds up your card inventory so when an unexpected birthday pops up you’ll be prepared! LeNae didn’t use all of her Super Sized Brads on the page above, so she used her leftover to make this great card.

LeNae’s Tips to Making this Card

  1. Cut a 4 3/4” x 5 1/4" rectangle of diamond paper. Cut a 4 3/4” x 1 1/2" rectangle of textured green paper. Glue them together overlapping slightly to form a 4 3/4" x 6 1/4" rectangle.
  2. scrapbook project
  3. The outline Super Sized Brads can be used with the daisy shaped brads (or other shaped brads) to create some added dimension to the embellishment. Open the prongs on the daisy shaped brad so the prongs are totally straight and perpendicular to the brad itself. Thread the daisy shaped brad over the yellow outline Super Sized Brads. Position on patterned paper as shown. Push the brads through the paper and fold all of the brad prongs flat to secure to the paper. (Tip: To keep the brad prongs from showing on the inside of the card, first secure them to the patterned paper before gluing the paper to the card front—or insert them through the card front, then line the inside of the card with paper.)
  4. Glue the “Happy Birthday” cut out to the bottom left and secure mini brads on each end. Center and glue the paper to the card front.
  5. Cut two lengths of ribbon (about 3” in length) and tie into knots. Trim the tails to 3/4" long. Zot™ these ribbons over the paper seam under the flower.


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