Mother’s Day page
By: Ann Bernklau

scrapbook project

Ann's Tip:
Stamp pretty butterflies and flowers on the background in a coordinating color for a fun pattern.



  1. Use the yellow/white tapestry for your background. Stamp black swirls along the top and bottom edge of 12”x3” of grey/yellow tapestry. Mat on white cardstock with a 1/16” border along the top and bottom. Glue across the page 4 1/4” from the bottom.
  2. Stamp butterflies and flowers in yellow ochre scattered on the background as shown. Stamp black swirls in the centers of the butterflies and flowers.
  3. Cut out Bracket Label B from black/yellow/white pattern and mat on white cardstock with a 1/16” border. Cut in half lengthwise. Glue one half flush with the top edge, 1” from the left and glue the other flush with the bottom edge 1/2” from the right. Cut out Bracket Label A and cut in half lengthwise. Journal on each half and glue to the shapes on the top left and bottom right as shown.
  4. Mat two 4”x6” black and white photos on white cardstock with a 1/16” border. Stamp a flower with swirl in black on grey/yellow tapestry and trim around the edges. Glue to the bottom right corner of one of the photos and wrap the excess around to the back of the photo. Glue the first photo 1 1/2” from the left and 2 3/4” from the bottom. Glue the second photo (with the flower) 1/2” to the right of the first.

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