scrapbook projectAudrie Mae is Two
Sometimes one picture just isn’t enough to tell the whole story, or you have so many great photos of an event that can’t pick just one. Well, you don’t always have to choose. This layout is a great example of how to scrap a series of photos from an event.

About This Page:
LeNae started with a simple red windowpane background paper. She added a strip of solid red at the bottom and matted the main photo on black, red tulips, then solid red. The other three photos were matted on black, and a piece of black was also used as a large mat for the journaling on the left of the page. LeNae used punched hearts, alphabet tiles, red gingham ribbon and flower eyelets to embellish the page.

Patterned Paper Tip:
LeNae selected the red windowpane background because it coordinates perfectly with the red and white stripes on Audrie’s shirt. The red tulips match without overwhelming the page. LeNae cut hearts out of this paper to mimic the hearts on Audrie’s shirt. The red gingham ribbon ties the page elements together nicely.

LeNae’s Tip of the Month: Using a series of photos These four precious photos are a great way to show Audrie’s birthday celebration. The main photo is great for showing the look on her face, which draws your attention in. LeNae triple matted it with black, the tulip patterned paper and red to make it stand out. She chose to crop the three additional photos to the same size and space them evenly as a border across the bottom of the page, angling them in chronological order. She matted each on simple black paper, preventing one from overpowering the others. The black separates them and makes them stand out from the patterned background.

LeNae’s Steps to Making This Layout:

  1. For the background: Use the red windowpane paper as your background. Cut a 12” x 2 1/8” strip of solid red and glue it to the background, 1 1/4” from the bottom.
  2. Create your journaling block: Computer journal on white, leaving space in the middle of the journaling for alphabet tiles. Mat the journaling on black with a 1/8” wide border on the sides, a 2” border on the top and a 1” border on the bottom. Cut out the alphabet tiles and shade them with red chalk, then glue them to the journaling.
  3. Mat the photos: To emphasize the large photo, LeNae triple-matted it, first with a 1/16” black mat, then a 1” red tulips mat and finally an a 1/8” solid red mat. Crop the other three photos so they are all the same size and mat them on black with a thin border. Space these three photos evenly across the red border at the bottom, angled as shown.
  4. Punch the hearts: Use the heart punch to punch out four hearts of red tulip paper. Attach one between each photo and one on each end with a red flower eyelet. If the hearts on the end of the border don’t fit completely, attach them, then cut them to be even with the edge of the page like LeNae did here.
  5. Add the large photo: Attach the matted large photo to the background by inserting a red eyelet in each corner. Insert a second eyelet on the background paper, 3/4” from each corner eyelet.
  6. Tie it up with ribbon: Glue a 4” length of red gingham ribbon to the bottom of the black journaling block, attach the ends to the backside with tape. Tie a knot in the center of another 4” piece of red gingham and glue the knot to the top center of the black journaling block. Thread ribbon through each side-by-side pair of eyelets on the large photo and tie them in the front, as shown. Trim and inverted “v” at the end of each ribbon to finish the page off.

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