Family Quilt Page
By: LeNae Gerig

scrapbook project
scrapbook project
LeNae Gerig

Designer’s Tip:
This page was inspired by a quilt technique called stained glass applique where the sides of a circle are folded in to make a square shape. Place the square on point and glue to a circle.



  1. Use a 12”x12” Mirage yellow paper for your page background. Ink the long edges of 1½”x12” Mirage pink paper and glue 7/8” from the left side of the yellow paper. Mat a 7”x5” photo on red and then black Mirage papers with 1/8” borders and glue photo 1” from the right and 2” from the top of the page.
  2. Ink edges of 12”x2 7/8” Mirage quilt paper, centering the quilt blocks. Use the X-acto® knife to cut away the centers of every other quilt block on the center of the paper strip. Fold back each of the 4 flaps. Back the paper strip on Mirage aqua paper with 1/8” borders. Ink edges and glue across the page, 1¾” from the page bottom. Place a Pink Flower Jewel Dazzles™ in the center of each quilt cut-out with a tiny Black Jewel Dazzles™ on the flower centers.
  3. Follow your die cutting machine manufacturer’s instructions, use the 1¼” 4 Circles & 4 Scallops Cutting Dies to cut ten circles from Mirage Double-Sided yellow and aqua papers. Ink edges and glue alternating aqua and yellow circles down the pink border, evenly spaced as shown. Fold the patterned sides of 5 circles inward, creating a square. Glue to each circle as shown. Embellish centers with Pink and Teal Flower Jewel Dazzles™ and Black Jewel Dazzles™.
  4. Glue and foam tape black feather, yellow butterfly and flower Mirage Die-Cuts to the photo bottom right corner as shown. Foam tape large butterfly and small butterfly die-cuts to the top left corner of photo. Embellish with Jewel Dazzles™. Write or print the date on the small red tag and glue among the flowers. Knot a length of ¾” wide aqua crepe ribbon and Zot to the top of the tag. Die cut two 1¼” circles from aqua/red Mirage Paper and fold patterned circle into a square and glue to aqua circle. Embellish center with Jewel Dazzles™ and glue among the flowers as shown.

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