scrapbook project
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Embellishing Brad Buddies™ can be as simple as adding some ribbon and pen work with a permanent pen to altering them completely by removing paint with sand paper. Brad Buddies™ come in such a variety of themes that they are easily combined to get your own mix of embellishments that's just right for your page.

"Yankee Doodles"
Designer: LeNae Gerig

scrapbook project
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  1. Cut the denim paper into an 11” square. Cut a 5”x11” strip of plaid paper and glue down the left side of the denim page. Glue the denim paper centered on white cardstock. Secure 3 blue star brads, evenly spaced, at the top and bottom left edge of the plaid paper. You could also use regular brads here too.
  2. Crop the photos to 4 5/8”x3” and 2 3/4”x4 1/4” and the star paper to 4 5/8”x3 5/8” and 2 3/4”x2 1/2”. Arrange on the red cardstock, leaving 1/8” border between and 7 5/8” strips of striped paper at the top and bottom. Glue to the center of the background page.
  3. Secure 3 red mini stars at the top right striped border. Write on white cardstock and cut into a 3 1/8”x2” rectangle. Glue to the center of the blue star paper on the right. Tie the red star Brad Buddies™ with white ribbon and secure to the page as shown.
  4. Altering Brad Buddies™: With the small red star removed, lightly sand the surface of the “USA” Buddy™ until the layer of blue paint on the raised area is removed. The recessed areas will remain blue and create a striped look. Secure to the blue star paper, using adhesive behind the left side and the red star brad on the right.
  5. Use a fine tip black Sharpie to draw over the embossed metal stitches in the glove. Secure to the right of the journaling using the baseball brad.
  6. Tip for customizing this layout: When creating the photo matt, first I cropped the photos to the size I wanted and then the star paper above and below each to the same widths as the photos. Adjust the height of the star paper according to how much room you have on your layout, then place on the red cardstock and trim accordingly with a striped border at the top and bottom.

scrapbook project

More ideas for embellishing Brad Buddies™:

Luggage: Remove the yellow mini brads and lightly sand the surface of the red luggage bag to expose the embossed stitched areas. Tie a mini tag to the top with black embroidery floss.

Cat: Use a colored Sharpie to add color to the cat’s features. Here I used dark brown for the fur and mouth, red for the inner ear and black for whiskers.

Dinosaur: Tie a pink ribbon around the neck and use a fine point black Sharpie to draw a string on the body, extending from the hand and also from the hand to the Decorated Balloon Brad.

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