First Day

Fall is upon us and that can only mean one thing: It’s back to school time! Remember how exciting it was to go back to school every year? Shopping for school supplies and new clothes, meeting your new teacher and seeing which friends would be in your classes–all in anticipation of that exciting first day! Or do you remember not wanting to leave home, being afraid that you won’t find your classes or that you won’t have anyone to sit with at lunch? Back to school brings up so many different memories for each individual, so now is the perfect time to scrap your old memories or your child’s new memories with great school-themed pages!

scrapbook projectAbout this Page
LeNae used the school-themed Almost Done™ Page Kit to put together this classic layout. She used a blocked patterned paper as the background, then used solid papers to double mat her photos. She also created a coordinating title with plaid alphabet stickers and used two of the handmade 3-D embellishments from the kit to accent the page. Finally, LeNae printed out a small journaling block to display the date and set the theme for the page.

Patterned Paper Tip

When working with a busy background paper that’s covered with intersecting lines and multiple colors, it’s best to use solid colored papers to mat your photos and print your journaling. Mixing too many colors, shapes and patterns can cause your layouts to look too overcrowded and your photos will get lost in the mix.

scrapbook projectThe benefit of a paper like this is that it’s already blocked out for you. You can use the blocks on the paper as a guide for placing your photos, title, journaling and embellishments. You can also arrange the paper so the borders end up on any side–whichever works the best for your layout. When using blocked papers, you have the choice of keeping all of the elements contained in the blocks, or you might try overlapping the seams between the different areas on the paper with your photos, journaling or embellishments.

LeNae’s Tip of the Month
Do you ever struggle while trying to place elements on your page in a perfectly straight line? Try tilting! Adding photos, alphabet tiles, artwork and journaling to your layouts at slight angles will take away the frustration and will add interest to your page. On this “First Day” layout, I tilted and overlapped the alphabet stickers that make up the border so I didn’t have to worry about placing them in a straight line. I also added the large tag in the center of the page at an angle to break up all of the vertical and horizontal lines and to mimic the angles of the alphabet stickers. If you really want to have a perfectly straight title or embellishments, try using a patterned paper with straight lines printed on it like the paper used in the background of this layout. You can use the lines as a guide for adding your elements!

LeNae’s Steps to Making this Layout:

  1. Use the plaid with crinkled and plaid borders paper as the background, arranging the paper so the plaid border runs along the top edge. Mat each photo on solid red paper, trimming the mats to 1/16”. Mat again on solid black paper, trimming the mats to 1/8”. Using a glue stick, secure one photo in the top left corner of the background paper’s large plaid portion, then secure the other photo in the bottom right corner.
  2. Spell out the “First Day” title with plaid alphabet stickers. Attach the letters on the plaid border at the top of the page, placing each at a different angle and slightly overlapping each other.
  3. Attach the school bus tag at an angle between the two photos, overlapping each photo. Attach the school supplies embellishment in the bottom left portion of the page, below the photo.
  4. Computer journal onto ivory cardstock and crop. Mat the journaling on solid black paper, trimming the mat to 1/16”, then glue the journaling in the top right portion of the page.

LeNae’s Supplies for Making this Layout:

LeNae Gerig’s realistic approach to scrapbooking has made her popular with beginners and experts alike! Want to see more of LeNae’s layouts, along with new techniques and unique tips? Check out LeNae’s Scrapbooking Basics and LeNae’s 30-Minute Scrapbook Pages.

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