First Day Art
Kids create tons of artwork in school. So how do you preserve it all without covering your entire refrigerator? Scrapbook it! While you don't have to scrapbook all your child's artwork, scrapping their artistic creations records those artistic milestones, from stick figures to collage. And just like a photograph, a piece of your child's artwork can say so much about the time it was created, from who their friends and teachers were to their interests and favorite hobbies.

scrapbook project
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About this Page
LeNae selected coordinating papers from Paper Pizazz® School 8"x8" Papers for this double-page spread. She accented the layout with cool metal embellishments like Great Big Brads™ and Brad Dress-Ups™, then added texture and charm to the pages with ribbon and art-themed cut-outs. LeNae used the left half of the layout to display a photo of Lauren on her first day of school while the right side features a customized pocket to hold Lauren's school artwork!

LeNae’s Tip of the Month
So how do you go about preserving your children's artwork in your scrapbook? Rather than add Lauren's original artwork to my scrapbook, I make a color copy of the artwork instead. This way, I can also resize the artwork to make sure it'll fit on the page (this especially comes in handy when working with an 8"x8" layout).

There are two super simple ways to display the artwork on your layout. You can mat the artwork and add it to your page just like you would a photo, or you can create a pocket to store the artwork. To create a pocket, just crop a piece of paper to whatever size you'd like the pocket to be. Secure it on your page by adding glue or brads just around the bottom, left and right edges of the paper, leaving the top edge and the center unglued so you can slip the artwork into the pocket.

LeNae’s Steps to Making this Layout:
For the Left Page:

  1. Use the multi stripe with check border paper as the background, placing the border on the left. Mat a horizontal photo on lime textured paper, trimming the mat to 1/16". Mat again on white cardstock, trimming the mat to 1/8". Lay the photo over the left side of the striped portion of the background paper.
  2. Computer journal onto light blue textured paper, then crop to a vertical rectangle with about 1" of extra space above the journaling and 2" of extra space below the journaling. Glue a 1/2"-wide strip of multi letters paper centered across the space above the journaling, trimming the excess even with the edges of the journaling block. Mat the journaling block on white cardstock, trimming the mat to 1/16". Glue the journaling over the right side of the background paper, tucking the left edge under the edge of the photo, then glue the photo in place.
  3. Tie a 7" length of lime ribbon into a shoestring bow, then Glue Dot™ the bow on the paper strip at the top of the journaling. Knot another length of lime ribbon around the handle on a purse Dress-Up™. Use a pink heart brad to add the Dress-Up™ to the extra space below the journaling. Computer journal the year onto white cardstock, then crop to a tag shape. Glue the tag at an angle over the Dress-Up™ with the tab tucked under the knotted ribbon.
  4. Glue one circular star cut-out each over the tops of two purple Big Brads. Attach the brads over the top portion of the background paper border with the brads slightly overlapping the left edge of the photo mat.

For the Right Page:

  1. Use the purple check paper as the background. Cut the multi letters paper at an angle. Glue the paper even with the bottom edge of the background, gluing only around the bottom, left and right edges to create a pocket.
  2. Mat a small photo (about 2" square) on white cardstock, trimming the mat to 1/8". Mat again on lime textured paper, trimming the mat to 1/16". Glue the photo at an angle over the left side of the pocket. Use foam tape to add the circular art supplies cut-out overlapping the photo. Glue the purple textured tag and the "art" tag overlapping to the right of the photo. Attach a knotted length of lime ribbon over the tab on the "art" tag with a Glue Dot™. Use a black pen to journal "First Day Art" over the purple tag. Tuck artwork into the pocket.

LeNae’s Supplies for Making this Layout:

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