Family Ride
By: LeNae Gerig

scrapbook project
scrapbook project
LeNae Gerig

Designer’s Tip:
To print on Papier Tole blanks, first print text on computer paper. Align single layer Papier Tole blank over text and use small amount of adhesive and glue over the text. Hand feed paper through printer. Text will print directly on top of blank Papier Tole piece.



  1. Background: Tear the bottom edge of 4 1/4”x10 1/2” Gypsy Jewel Purple/Blue stripe paper and mat with white cardstock, leaving 1/8” border on sides and 3/8” below torn edge. Glue flush with the page top and 1 1/4” from the left edge.
  2. Glue 12”x1 1/4” Gypsy Jewel blue paper across the page, 3” from the bottom. Place Purple Jewel Border Dazzles™ across the top and bottom edges of blue strip.
  3. Photos: Mat one 3 1/2”x5 1/2” photo with navy cardstock, leaving 1/8” border and mat the second photo with white and navy cardstock, leaving 1/8” borders. Mat a 2”x3” photo with white cardstock, leaving 1/8” border. Glue overlapping photos on the left side of the border as shown.
  4. Pocket: Trace the Pick-A-Pocket Curvy Pocket onto horizontal Gypsy Jewel Purple/Blue stripe paper. Fold pocket according to template instructions, but before gluing sides, glue Gypsy Jewel blue paper to the pocket inside back, covering the white back of the pocket. Trim the paper even with the pocket edges. Ink pocket edges, fold and glue. Write or print on white cardstock and trace Pick-A-Pocket Curvy Tag. Ink edges and place in pocket. Knot a length of 3/8” wide Gypsy Jewel lavender sheer organdy ribbon and Zot™ to the top of the tag. Glue the tag to the left side of border.
  5. Write or print on the Gypsy Jewel Papier Tole round banner and assemble with foam tape. Glue to the right of the pocket. Assemble the Papier Tole bike and banner with foam tape and glue to the page as shown. Embellish flowers in bike basket with Purple Jewel Dazzles™.
  6. Write or print on white cardstock. Trace with Pick-A-Pocket Persian Label. Ink edges and place Purple Jewel Dazzles™ on each end. Glue to the blue border below the bike.

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