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Thanksgiving Traditions
Thanksgiving is one of those holidays for which every family has their own set of unique traditions that make the day so special. As the years pass and some traditions change and others are added, you’ll love looking back on your Thanksgiving scrapbook layouts to relive the moments with those memorable photos and special notes that you journaled. Your scrapbook will become an artistic treasure, carrying on your rich family traditions and stories for years to come.

About this Page
LeNae chose papers and artwork from Busy Scrapper’s Solution 4 Seasons Papers to give a crisp autumn feel to this Thanksgiving-themed page. She tore a border off a coordinating paper, then attached it down the edge of the background paper and tucked photos underneath. Artwork from the paper collection accents the border and a small journaling block finishes off the page and tells the story of the photos.

Patterned Paper Tip
Don’t worry about finding a paper patterned with the perfect theme. Just because you’re creating a Thanksgiving layout doesn’t mean that you must find paper with little turkeys printed all over it. Look at the colors in the photos, think about the colors of the season or colors and patterns that might be associated with a particular holiday or event and go from there. Browns, golds, oranges and purples are perfect for scrapping fall photos. The plaid paper used in the background of this layout sets the color scheme, then a torn leaf border suggests the season and sets the mood for a crisp fall holiday.

LeNae’s Tip of the Month
Tearing the edges of your borders, journaling and photo mats adds texture and interest to your pages while giving them a cool, shabby chic look. You can produce two different effects along your torn edge, depending on the direction in which you tear your paper. Grab the paper with both hands, one on each side of where you want to create your tear. Pull the portion of paper you wish to use toward you to create a colored edge. To create a white edge, pull the portion away from you. On this page, LeNae pulled the paper toward her to create a colored edge along the torn edge of her papers.

Here’s a helpful tip: Use a small, clean paintbrush to lightly paint a line of clean water on the back of the paper where you want to tear it (the water will create a path so you can easily control your tearing). While the paper is still damp, slowly tear along the water line for a feathery torn effect down the edges of your papers.

scrapbook project

LeNae’s Steps to Making this Layout:

  • Use the brown plaid paper as the background. Tear the leaf border off the dark brown with leaf border paper. Apply glue to the back of the torn border, except for about 1” in from the torn edge, then glue flush against the left edge of the background paper.
  • Mat two photos on gold textured paper, trimming the mats to 1/16”. Mat again on the remaining portion of the dark brown with leaf border paper, trimming the left, top and bottom edges to 1/8” and tearing along the right edge. Glue one photo about 1 1/2” down from the top edge and 2” in from the right edge of the page, tucking the left side of the matted photo under the torn edge of the leaf border. Glue the other photo about 1 1/2” up from the bottom edge and 3 1/4” in from the right edge of the page, tucking the left side of the photo under the torn edge of the leaf border.
  • Cut out the brown plaid border from the artwork and glue it centered down the leaf border on the page. Cut out the pumpkin and cornucopia artwork, then use foam mounting tape to attach the artwork equally spaced down the brown plaid border. Cut two 10” lengths of brown grosgrain ribbon and tie each into a shoestring bow. Use Glue Dots™ to attach one bow to the top of each piece of artwork.
  • Computer journal onto ivory cardstock, then crop into a long rectangle and tear along the bottom edge. Mat on the dark brown portion left over from the leaf border paper, trimming the top, left and right edges of the mat to 1/16” and tearing along the bottom edge. Glue the matted journaling to the right of the bottom photo. Cut a 3 1/2” length of brown grosgrain ribbon and tie a knot in the center. Use a Glue Dot™ to attach the knot to the top of the journaling block.
  • Cut out the “harvest” fragment from the artwork and use foam mounting tape to secure it vertically down the right side of the top photo. Cut out the long blank fragment and journal onto it with a black pen, then use foam mounting tape to attach it under the bottom photo and the journaling block.

LeNae’s Supplies for Making this Layout:

  1. Paper Pizazz® Busy Scrapper’s Solution 4 Seasons Papers: Brown plaid, dark brown with leaf border and gold textured paper plus artwork
  2. Cardmaker’s™ Earth Tones Ribbons: Brown grosgrain ribbon
  3. ivory cardstock
  4. black pen
  5. Scotch® Brand Foam Mounting Tape
  6. Mini Glue Dots™
  7. glue stick

LeNae Gerig’s realistic approach to scrapbooking has made her popular with beginners and experts alike! Want to see more of LeNae’s layouts, along with new techniques and unique tips? Check out LeNae’s Scrapbooking Basics and LeNae’s 30-Minute Scrapbook Pages.

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