Thanksgiving Recipe Book & page
By: LeNae Gerig

scrapbook project
scrapbook project
scrapbook project
LeNae Gerig

Designer’s Tip:
Create a recipe book filled with family Holiday recipes. Include photos along with the recipes to remember who created them.



  1. Album Cover: Remove posts and pages from the album. Ink the edges of 6 1/4” squares of Cider Artful Card Kit border paper and burgundy paper and glue to the front of the album.
  2. Ink the edges of two 1”x6 1/2” brown paper from the remaining border paper and glue to the album binding from and back. Use a pencil point to punch holes through the paper binding. Replace album pages and posts.
  3. Place Teal Jewel Dazzles™ on the posts and tie a length of 3/8” wide rust Cider Ribbon between posts as shown. Glue and foam tape the Cider Artful Card Kit jar die-cuts to the right corner as shown. Embellish with flower, acorn and apple slice die-cuts as shown. Place small Mix ‘Ems Fall Leaves Dazzles™ on the jars as shown.
  4. Glue a Cider Artful Card Kit burgundy swirl die-cut to the top right corner. Place medium Mix ‘Ems Fall Leaves Dazzles™ overlapping the swirl with clusters of tiny Teal Jewel Dazzles™. Write or print on die-cut label and glue to the left. Place Teal Jewel Dazzles™ on the label as shown.
  5. Photo page: Ink the edges of a 6 1/4” square of Cider Artful Card Kit orange plaid paper and glue to the inside front cover. Mat 4”x4 1/2” square photo on 8”x8” Princess Cardstock, leaving 1/8” borders. Glue to the card center. Glue a length of Cider Artful Card Kit border die-cut to the left side of the photo and embellish with Teal Jewel Dazzles™ . Glue medium size Mix’Ems Fall Leaves Dazzles™ at the top right corner along with a die-cut heart. Use 3/8” wide aqua Cider Ribbon to make a bow and Zot™ below the leaves. Write or print on Cider Artful Card Kit die-cut label and glue to the bottom of the photo. Embellish with Teal Jewel Dazzles™.
  6. Recipe page: Write or print recipe on tan cardstock and trim to 5 1/2” square. Mat with 6” square brown cardstock. Place Teal Jewel Dazzles™ at each corner and glue a Cider Artful Card Kit acorn die-cut as shown. Place recipe page in a sheet protector.

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