I Am Thankful scrapbook project

I KNOW journaling is hard—in fact, it’s hard for me, too. I was recently inspired, though, as I did this layout for Scrapbook Recipes for Journaling. I typically scrapbook photos from a particular event and write journaling to explain the event. But what do you do when there is no particular memory associated with the photo? Here’s an idea: I used this photo of my family from 1969 to write about the things I was most thankful for—it’s something I’ll cherish forever.

About This Page
LeNae used a green linen paper as the main background and added a striped chenille border at the bottom. She triple-matted the large photo with tan vellum, a wide mat of dogwood blossoms, then green vellum. The multiple-mats give the appearance that the photo is framed. LeNae added a folded over green ribbon underneath the photo and it’s mat to make it “pop” off the page and a small tag with the date on it to the top. LeNae journaled on torn green vellum and added a bow to the top. At the bottom she included a photo of herself, framed in a covered slide mount. (Check out the link for detailed instructions on covering slide mounts.)

Patterned Paper Tip
The 1969 family photo was a perfect match for the textured papers from the Busy Scrapper’s Solution for Heritage Pages. The muted greenish tones bring out the colors in the photo while the dogwood blossoms paper is reminiscent of style of this time period. The green vellum is perfect for journaling—it stands out, but doesn’t take over. The chenille border also adds texture as well as dimension and interest.

LeNae’s Tip of the Month: Journaling Your Appreciation
Scrapbook pages shouldn’t include ONLY descriptions and photos of events, but also thoughts, feelings and memories of people, places and events. While LeNae doesn’t have a particular memory to go with this family photo, she does have tons of memories and feelings about her family. Looking at this photo again evokes those memories of why she’s so thankful for the loving family she had growing up.

Thankfulness is a great theme for a scrapbook page. It allows you to focus on what matters most to you and those you love. LeNae turned her thoughts into this appreciation page, bolding the words that reflected her feelings of gratitude.

Gratitude is just one way of adding special journaling to your scrapbook. For more ideas, including tips and page ideas on journaling conversations, traditions, recipes and much more, check out Scrapbook Recipes for Journaling , the brand new idea book from Hot Off The Press.

LeNae’s Steps to Making This Layout

  1. For the background: Use the green linen paper as your background. Cut a 8 1/2” x 12” piece of the chenille paper. Computer journal “I Am Thankful…” on your computer, setting the print layout to landscape and aligning the text toward the bottom of the page. Hand feed the chenille paper into your printer and print the title. Trim the chenille paper to 3 1/2” x 12” with the text in the center and glue to the bottom of the page.
  2. For the large photo: Mat the large photo on tan vellum with a 1/8” mat. Mat again on dogwood paper, leaving a 3/4” wide mat. Chalk the edges with brown and mat again on green vellum leaving a 1/8” wide mat.
  3. Adding the ribbon: Cut a 15” length of ribbon with the ends trimmed at an angle. Fold in half and use Glue Dots™ to secure it to the back of the photo mat, leaving a loop extending 1” from the top, as shown. Cut out the tag and punch a hole in the top. Thread with silver thread and tie around the loop at the top of the ribbon. Glue the tag down to secure.
  4. For the small photo: Cover the slide mount with glue and cover with dogwood paper. Trim the paper even with the slide mount edges. Use the X-acto® knife to cut the paper around the inside edges of the slide mount. Glue the photo behind it and glue to the page as shown.
  5. For the journaling: Computer journal and print onto green vellum. Trim to 4 1/2” wide and tear the bottom edge. Secure with glue at the top and cover the glue marks with the remaining ribbon tied with a knot at the center. Use Glue Dots™ to add the ribbon to the top of the vellum. Tear out the computer journaled dates and glue to the slide mount and tag as shown.

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