scrapbook project
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Nobody takes just one memorable photo at Christmas time. I usually end up with a large stack of photos that I just can’t wait to scrapbook with, but it can be difficult to find ways to place lots of photos on a page with out making the page look crowded. Thankfully we have the technology to manipulate our photos at will. Reducing photo size doesn’t diminish the value any and can actually enhance the look or your pages.

The photo arrangements on these two pages are very different, but the pages work well together because they share 3 things in common: the theme, they're all Christmas pictures; the number of photos, both use 1 standard size 4”x6” photo and then 3 small photos; and the background papers, they both have a common theme and layout.

The first page has one large focal photo and then a grouping of small photos, which when combined span the page. The second page also has one large photo, but the small photos work together as a border. Both layouts leave plenty of room for journaling and embellishments, which would be difficult if you tried to put four full size photos on a page.

Christmas "08"
Designer: LeNae Gerig

scrapbook project scrapbook project
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  1. For the page backgrounds: Place the striped borders on each background page, opposite from one another. Cut 6”x12” strips of red squares paper and green tree paper and ink the long edges black. Glue to the center of each border paper.
  2. Left page: Mat the following photos on black, all with a 1/8” wide border mats: One 4”x6” horizontal photo, two 2 5/8”x2” photos together and 1 3/4” x2 3/4” photo. Arrange the photos across the red background paper.
  3. Cut out letters for the title and glue and foam tape every other letter at an angle, embellish two with folded ribbon lengths. Glue and foam tape the year over a white poinsettia that has been glued to the page. Add an ornament cut-out, with a folded ribbon length and three brads below the photos, as shown.
  4. Right page: Mat the following photos on black, all with 1/8” wide border mats: one 4”x6” vertical photo and combine two 3”x2 1/2” and one 3”x2” photo in a long strip as shown, leaving space at the end for a cut out and star brads. Arrange the photos on the green tree background paper as shown.
  5. Journal on white cardstock and cut into a 5”x1 1/2” strip, ink the edges. Glue above the large photo and embellish with an ornament cut-out and green mini brads. Embellish the photo edges with layered flowers secured to the page with mini brads and a bow secured with a Zot™.

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