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Retail Tips

Paper Display Tips Plus a Print-and-Post Sign
by Sara Naumann

Heres Help
To help you implement this merchandising tactic, were providing you with a print-and-post sign. Simply click here, and you can print it on 8.5"x11" paper.

Scrappers love paper. Card makers love paper. Altered artists love paper.

(Hey, you and I also love paperotherwise we wouldnt be in this business!)

Paper is a staple product for independent retailers. And while bulk paper is great, its also one of the lowest-cost items in your store. In these leaner times, everyone (especially your customer) is looking for ways to make the most of her scrapping budget. At the same time, independent retailers are looking for ways to increase sales.

So, your customer wants to save moneyand you want her to spend it. The solution? Weve got it.

Books of Paper Are a Higher Price Pointand Save the Customer Money
Books of paper sell for a higher price point than bulk paper. But did you know they also save the customer money over buying by the sheet?

As displayed in a retail environment.
As displayed in our booth.

Consider the Autumn Backgrounds. It has 24 sheets (including a sheet of tags) for $9.99, meaning each sheet is just 42. Most 12"x12" bulk papers retail for 59 each. Your customer saves over 30% when she buys those papers in a book.

I think its a pretty compelling message, especially from a consumer standpoint. A book saves me moneyand gives me a totally coordinated collection, which saves me time, too.

And as a retailer, Id rather sell a $9.99 item than a few sheets of 59 paperwouldnt you?

Display is Key
Realizing that books of paper are a better deal all around, savvy retailers are implementing low-cost merchandising tactics to increase these sales. How? One clever retailer told us she removes all the individual sheets of paper from a paper collection, then posts them in an array so her customers can see everything theyll get. Her tip: Its worth pulling one book apart to reap the benefits in sales!

We took her advice and started displaying our books of paper this way at trade shows. The impact it made on sales was remarkable. Suddenly, a book of paper went from being a maybe to a wow, what a value! sale.

Another key? Drive home the high-value, low-cost message with a simple sign that says, Yes! All these papers come in this book and youll save 30%! No time to make up a sign? Weve done it for you! Simply click here to access our print-and-post sign for easy display.

Saving the customer money. Selling a higher price point item. The two goals arent mutually exclusiveespecially when you have a little help!