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Trend of the Month

Alter-able Gift Boxes
by Sara Naumann

Whats new? Its the question your customers ask you all the time. Keeping customers motivated, interested and shopping requires you to stock the latest and greatest! And even while your customers are asking for new things, youve still got older product in your store you also need to sell.

So, heres the question: Can the latest and greatest new products combine with existing product you carry right nowsay, scrapbooking staples like paper, brads and ribbonto help you sell some of both?

Alterable surfaces are a perfect solution. Unique little surfaces, like boxes, are a tempting purchase for your customer, and they can easily be decorated with so many different types of products you already carry. Lets take a look.

What Kinds of Surfaces?
Alter-able surfaces like Hot Off The Press mini boxes are a perfect combination for your existing stock. That outdated paper from two years ago? Decorate a gift box with it and your customers will see it in a new lightjust seeing an older item on a different application can make a world of difference.

Its also a great way to sell themed merchandise to people who wouldnt need it for an album. Think of wedding supplies: Maybe your customers arent working on wedding albums, but they might need a gift, card or shower favor idea. A little box plus your wedding supplies would be ideal!

The Customer Appeal
The appeal is easy: These little boxes are just cute. And we know that no matter how we try to intellectualize a customers purchase, emotion will always play a role.

And while these little boxes are appealing, theyre also practical. Scrapbooking remains a strong passion, though we all see the impact the economy is having on everyday purchases like gas. And like you, your customers probably have a lot of supplies on hand already. Decorated surfaces, dressed up as small gifts or to hold a gift, are an economical way for customer to indulge in her hobby, create something practical and use up some of those supplies in her own stash!

Promoting It
But as with many paper crafting supplies, you cant simply put these alterable surfaces on the shelf and expect the customer to figure them out. A small sign that says, Cute little boxes are easy to decorate with leftover supplies! is an eye-catching statement for customers.

A sample project made up and displayed with the product is a guaranteed sale-booster. Dont have enough time? Simply taking one of the boxes from the packaging and placing it on display will also help!

Workshops and demos are a great way to expose your customers to new types of surfaces. Theyre ideal for creating excitement around a new type of product, and allow you to share tips and techniques with your customers.

Getting the Effect
Because Hot Off The Press boxes have a glossy surface, theyre ideal for using with alcohol inksthey also look great stamped. And you can wrap the box with patterned paper or ribbons, or adorn it with stickers, chipboard, brads and tags.

Whats new? Now youve got the answerplus ideas for selling your existing stock too!

Get all the latest trendsfrom consumer buying habits to scrapbooking embellishments and everything in between! Its all here and updated every month in the Trend Report.