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Customer Comments

Name Diane
Comment This is a wonderful e-book. It covers everything I need to know and then some. What a valuable tool. Thank you.
Submitted Thursday, April 13th @ 11:57 AM

Comment Love your book great ideas. .
Submitted Tuesday, March 28th @ 06:41 PM

Name pat
Comment thank you so very much
Submitted Friday, October 14th @ 04:25 PM

Name Linda
Comment I love making cards
Submitted Thursday, October 6th @ 06:41 PM

Name Lois
Comment Thanks so much for the e-book. It gives me lots of ideas for using all those Dazzles I have collected over the years!! Did anyone say "Hoarder"?
Submitted Thursday, August 18th @ 07:56 PM

Name Nancy
Comment Thank You for the E-book and all the great ideals!
Submitted Thursday, July 21st @ 03:31 PM

Name kendell
Comment Thank you for sharing this free download, it is really appreciated
Submitted Saturday, July 11th @ 09:33 PM

Name Tammy
Comment I love the Paper Wishes catalogs and website. You girls are so much fun. And I LOVE DAZZLES!!!!! Thanks so much!!
Submitted Sunday, May 3rd @ 10:18 AM

Name glory
Comment I love everything especially dazzles. they make my day!
Submitted Monday, March 2nd @ 09:43 AM

Name Claudia
Comment Thank you very much I am always learning from you. I love watching your webisodes I grab my cup of tea and sit to watch you gals and learn and laugh right along with you its like having friends right in the house with me. Please keep up the great work.Thank you so very much.
Submitted Thursday, February 19th @ 07:29 PM

Name Linda
Comment Thanks so much for this download! I love dazzles!! They add so much to a card or a layout and I am pleased to order them. I love your website and your sales rock! Way to go!!
Submitted Tuesday, January 27th @ 05:23 AM

Name Pam
Comment Thank You ever-so-much. There is nothing nicer than getting an unexpected present.
Submitted Sunday, January 18th @ 03:03 AM

Name Jennifer
Comment Thanks so much Paulette!
Submitted Monday, January 12th @ 06:24 AM

Name Yolanda
Comment Cannot wait to explore and create, thank you!
Submitted Wednesday, January 7th @ 09:42 AM

Comment I would love to try this out! So happy to have come across this website.
Submitted Tuesday, December 30th @ 11:25 AM

Name Cathy
Comment thank you
Submitted Saturday, December 6th @ 08:26 PM

Name Celia Costa
Comment Thanks so much for sharing !
Submitted Tuesday, November 18th @ 03:19 PM

Name Kyi Cin
Comment that book is very useful for me
Submitted Tuesday, November 4th @ 08:02 PM

Name Shawne
Comment Thank you so very much! I'm sure this book will be well used thanks to your time and talent putting it together. I always love having new ideas, especially with instructions. I will definitely share with more friends. You are truly gifted. Thank you once again!
Submitted Wednesday, May 21st @ 07:45 PM

Name Diane
Comment Thank you so much for offering this e-book from your web site. I am new to all this fun and I found this book to be very informative. I appreciate it very much and I can't wait to use my new dazzles for the fist time. #Huggs
Submitted Saturday, March 29th @ 10:34 AM

Name Shelly
Comment Hellooooo, Thank you for all suggestions and ideas!
Submitted Friday, February 14th @ 10:33 PM

Name Suzan
Comment Thank you for the extra special Valentine treat!
What a great surprise.
Submitted Friday, February 14th @ 07:43 PM

Name Charmane
Comment thank you for sharing
Submitted Friday, February 14th @ 05:08 PM

Name Pam
Comment What a great book. Thanks so much for offering this.
Submitted Friday, February 14th @ 05:00 PM

Name Carol
Comment Love Dazzles and I'm sure I will love this e-book. Paper Wishes is the BEST!!!
Submitted Friday, February 14th @ 03:48 PM

Name Beth
Comment I get the Dazzles monthly, now I have more ideas on how to use them. Thank you.
Submitted Friday, February 14th @ 03:09 PM

Name Barbara
Comment another free book on dazzles, no wonder I am addicted to your site, you guys are the greatest and I always know when another catalog comes because dear hubby prances in the house singing "paper wishes." Thank you again!
Submitted Friday, February 14th @ 12:56 PM

Name Ruthie
Comment Thank you all for the Birthday Greeting, it made day love yall's site and catalog.
Submitted Friday, January 17th @ 12:27 PM

Name Michelle
Comment Hello there! I just ran across Dazzles the other day. Can't even remember where actually. Today I'm supposed to be cleaning house and doing laundry while my husband at work. He left at 11:00 a.m. and it's now 4:12 p.m. I've been on paperwishes.com and youtube ever since he left - finding out all about Dazzles! Love them. Bought some. Can't wait to use them. LOVE THE E-BOOK TOO! Read it and watched all the videos! SO EXCITING!
Submitted Saturday, September 7th @ 02:13 PM

Name nathalie
Comment i love Dazzles
Submitted Friday, August 30th @ 05:50 PM

Name Phyllis Houghton
Comment Wow ! Thank You so much for e-book. There are some really
Terrific ideas for the use of Dazzles. I would not have thought about reusing the backs, so I have wasted a lot!!
We are never to old to learn :)
Great Inspiration !!
Looking forward to more Ideas .
Submitted Sunday, July 28th @ 06:01 AM

Name Yolanda
Comment Thank you so much for the ebook. Can't wait to use them. Ideas are just raging.Love it...
Submitted Monday, July 8th @ 05:24 PM

Name Cindy
Comment I just found Paperwishes and am so loving your site and all that you have to offer! Thank you for sharing all of this with us!
Submitted Wednesday, June 26th @ 05:41 PM

Name charlotte
Comment I just got the paper wishes e-mail and found the E-book. What a great find. I loved the ideas and hints. I hope I keep getting these e-mail. I want to keep them in my saved e-mail. So I can look at them again and again. ever
Submitted Sunday, May 26th @ 02:30 PM

Name Sharon
Comment Thank you so much
for everything.
You are so generous.
I love your card videos.
I am a big fan of Paper Wishes.
Love Dazzles and the E-book.. Enjoy watching all your videos with making of cards,scrap booking,I have learned so much and thank you so very much for doing this cause really helps out a lot.
A Canadian Friend,

Sharon (big fan of Paperwishes)
Submitted Friday, May 17th @ 06:10 AM

Name marilyn
Comment Is there any way I can find out what is on the download before downloading? Cheers, Marilyn.
Submitted Monday, May 6th @ 06:23 AM

Name Gabby
Comment Thank you for the free download! There are some wonderful craft ideas, I can't wait to put them to use!
Submitted Tuesday, April 9th @ 10:41 PM

Name Jan
Comment Thank you for the free e-book it looks very interesting I will look at it later .x
Submitted Friday, April 5th @ 02:15 PM

Name viviane
Comment Thank you so much.
I will enjoy using the inspiration in this book.
Submitted Sunday, March 31st @ 11:55 PM

Name Kimberly
Comment Thank you for this free Dazzles down load! I love it!
Submitted Sunday, March 24th @ 04:55 PM

Name Pam
Comment Thank you so much for this wonderful gift that you've given to us to have fun making and decorating 'this and that' with dazzles.
Submitted Wednesday, March 20th @ 04:55 AM

Name Leila Egebjerg
Comment Thanks for the free gift (ebook):
I have yet to see it through, but if it's like your other proudukter, it can only be good.
Submitted Saturday, March 16th @ 07:36 AM

Name judith
Comment i just download this site i do like it i will doing some of the thing that you have thank you.
Submitted Wednesday, February 27th @ 09:04 AM

Name Bev
Comment I've been receiving your paper catalog for a short while and although I hate to admit it was just throwing it in the recycling bin. Today I sat down and started looking at the most recent catalog that was laying in front of me and I thought to myself "hey this catalog has everything crafty that you love in it". I can't believe I ignored the wonderful catalogs that you so graciously were sending me and missing out on so much. I love your 101 classes and all the videos so that I can see what I am buying it and will not be disappointed when I receive it. Thank you so much for the free download and the warm welcome and oh yes...can you please forgive me and continue sending your awesome paper catalog in the mail. I will be looking forward to seeing it now!!
Submitted Sunday, February 3rd @ 08:37 PM

Comment Thank you so much
for everything.
You are so generous.
I love your card videos.
I am a big fan of Paper Wishes.
A Canadian Friend,
Carol, Calm and Carry On...
Submitted Tuesday, January 29th @ 04:01 PM

Name Nancy
Comment Thank you so much for this free e-book download! Now I have lots to work on. Thank you, too, for the free White Truffle download page! They are gorgeous! It came in time for me to use on my thank you cards for the Christmas gifts we received. Thank you!
Submitted Thursday, January 3rd @ 10:42 AM

Name Ruth
Comment I haven't watched the video yet qnd just found your website so excited about getting acquainted. Thank you so much
Submitted Tuesday, January 1st @ 05:07 PM

Name Linda E.
Comment Really enjoyed this as I am getting into dazzles more and more watching all your ideas. Just purchased some from you so will be putting them into action.
Submitted Saturday, December 8th @ 09:56 PM

Name Fay Marie
Comment What a pleasant surprise to be able to download this ebook also. Many Thanks for all!
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 04:54 PM

Name Victoria
Comment Thank you for the dazzles book. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 01:38 PM

Name Sharon
Comment Thank you so much on the freebies! It's a wonderful thing to do!
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 08:29 AM

Name Brenda
Comment Thank you again for another wonderful new ebook. I love the Dazzles and now I think I will do much better using them with all the helpful hints and ideas I will learn.
Paper Wishes is wonderful for sharing all of this with us. Merry Christmas...thanks for my gift.
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 07:48 PM

Name Carol Jean
Comment WOW! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 02:39 PM

Name Susie
Comment Wow! Thank you so much for another ebook! You guys are Awesome! I'm very grateful!
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 05:50 AM

Name Margaret
Comment Thank you so much.I will enjoy using the inspiration in this book.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 09:46 PM

Name Cynthia
Comment Oh my! Another free download. This time for dazzles. I love this company. Great products, informative videos, and sweet people. Thank You so much!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 09:10 PM

Name Claire
Comment I love dazzles! Thank you so much for the e-book.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:15 PM

Name Connie
Comment Much Thanks for this free e-book. I have been using dazzles or ones similar to them for over 10 years. They add so much to my paper crafts
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 02:59 PM

Name Cindy
Comment Thanks!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 10:54 AM

Name Fran
Comment Awesome
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 10:46 AM

Name Sharon
Comment Thank you for this ebook. It is absolutely my favorite. Thank you for such an amazing gift.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 10:26 AM

Name Jackie
Comment I never knew this was here! I'm so greatfull for this download. You have blessed me so much with everything you offer from Paper Wishes, whether the webisodes or these marvelous downloads. Thank you Paulette!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 10:24 AM

Name Florence
Comment Thank you so much. I love your kits.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 08:47 AM

Name Judy
Comment All I can say is "WOW" You have certainly shown the versatility of Dazzles! Thanks so much for this E-book and the free downloads!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:47 AM

Name Lisa L.
Comment Thank you! I love Dazzles!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:22 AM

Name Sally
Comment ANOTHER free gift !!!! Thank you so much !
Can't wait for SANTA to bring my gift certificates !
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 04:08 AM

Name Cindy
Comment I just love your site! Your products are great, especially the sales! Your project gallery if full of inspiration for us beginners!
Submitted Saturday, November 24th @ 11:23 PM

Name Gretta
Comment I am learning so much from this site Thank you
Submitted Saturday, November 24th @ 08:06 AM

Name Stephanie
Comment Thank you so much! Wonderful ideas... can't wait to do the embossing of the dazzles.
Submitted Wednesday, October 24th @ 10:37 AM

Name Cecilia
Comment Thank you so much. I know I'm going to have a lot of fun with these ideas. Can't wait to have my grandchildren come play with me. I always in enjoy watching your videos and gives me a lot of great ideas.
Submitted Saturday, October 20th @ 09:23 AM

Name Becky
Comment There are so many things that I would skip over (Dazzles included) since I don't know how to use them but as soon as I see the webasodes and all the great ideas....I just gotta have them. :) The ideas you post with your products are awesome and very useful. Thank you.
Submitted Friday, June 22nd @ 12:14 PM

Name Kim
Comment Thank you! I am learning so much from this website I really appreciate it...
Submitted Thursday, April 26th @ 02:54 PM

Name Christy
Comment Loving my Dazzles!! I am fully addicted to these little lovelies :)
Submitted Wednesday, April 11th @ 12:10 PM

Name Karen
Comment Thanks for the free E-book. I love Dazzles products and am always happy to learn more about using them.
Submitted Wednesday, April 11th @ 11:13 AM

Name Ellen Haydon
Comment Love this one for more ideas how and where to use my "leftover" dazzles.
Submitted Wednesday, February 22nd @ 12:50 PM

Name chary
Comment Muchas gracias por este regalo tan magnifico.
Me pueden decir si mandan pedidos a Espaa.
Un saludo, gracias.
Submitted Friday, February 17th @ 11:23 PM

Name Pat
Comment Love the e book. You have such great ideas, and i love your products. Can't wait to place my next order :)
Submitted Tuesday, January 17th @ 04:32 AM

Name Karen
Comment I can't begin to convey how much I love Paper Wishes!! I've been buying 95% of my card making/scrapbooking supplies from you for a couple of years now and have achieved VIP status. Everything you do is First Class as you instruct and inspire! Paulette Jarvey, you and the creative women on your staff never cease to amaze! This wonderful ebook is such wonderful gift. Thank you, from the bottom of my creative heart!!
Submitted Monday, January 9th @ 08:31 PM

Name Chris
Comment Thank you so much again for this ebook also.
Submitted Tuesday, December 27th @ 03:57 PM

Name Granny Barbie
Comment You are wonderful folks!!! I love Dazzles and always finding new ways to use them .... thanks to y'all!!!
Submitted Saturday, December 3rd @ 06:40 PM

Name Cheryl L
Comment Oh, my goodness...how did I miss the Dazzle e-Book download? I'm constantly buying things from Paper Wishes and have TONS of Dazzles! Is there a chance that e-Book is still available. I need all the inspiration I can get. I've been quite ill for a while and my tired brain isn't aiding and abetting my crafty hands. I have to craft or go nuts! Thanks so much for everything. I, too, love being a VIP!
Submitted Saturday, December 3rd @ 09:15 AM

Name Linda
Comment thank you Merry Christmas to you and all your staff family
Submitted Saturday, December 3rd @ 08:39 AM

Name Maria
Comment I truly appreciate the free download. Thanks!
Submitted Friday, December 2nd @ 10:29 PM

Name Nadine
Comment Who would have thought a meer sticker could be used so many different ways and made to look so different. Never realized u could colour them. It seems there are no limits to what u can so with dazzels. My craft room will never be without them now , thanks to paperwishes. Thank you from across the pond in the uk.

Submitted Friday, November 4th @ 02:42 AM

Name Nadine
Comment Who would have thought a meer sticker could be used so many different ways and made to look so different. Never realized u could colour them. It seems there are no limits to what u can so with dazzels. My craft room will never be without them now , thanks to paperwishes. Thank you from across the pond in the uk.

Submitted Friday, November 4th @ 02:41 AM

Name Nadine
Comment Who would have thought a meer sticker could be used so many different ways and made to look so different. Never realized u could colour them. It seems there are no limits to what u can so with dazzels. My craft room will never be without them now , thanks to paperwishes. Thank you from across the pond in the uk.

Submitted Friday, November 4th @ 02:40 AM

Name Beverly
Comment Thank you so much for the ebook. I love dazzles and have been using them on cards and scrapbooking, But I'm always looking for new ideas and inspiration. This ebook will give me plenty, I'm sure.
Submitted Thursday, October 20th @ 03:47 AM

Name Jeanne
Comment Just saw a demo video for Chapter 1 of the Dazzles. Another cool thing you can do with these stickers (like the butterfly) is use them on home deco projects like a wooden frame. Once placed down on a painted surface, you can take pens and color in the spaces just to give them added sparkle.
Submitted Saturday, August 13th @ 10:09 AM

Name Cheryl
Comment thanks for such a great freebie!!!
Submitted Wednesday, August 10th @ 10:24 AM

Name Carol
Comment How wonderful of you to share this with us. THANKS a million.
Submitted Saturday, August 6th @ 10:20 PM

Name Steffie
Comment The genius store called, they're runnnig out of you.
Submitted Thursday, July 28th @ 08:48 PM

Name Donna R
Comment Thanks for the free e-book. Looking forward to checking it out.
Submitted Thursday, July 28th @ 07:57 PM

Name Pam
Comment Thank you so very much for the Christmas present in July. Love Dazzles -- just don't know what to do with them. NOW I will.
Submitted Monday, July 25th @ 09:24 PM

Name ema.
Comment Just Fantastic can't wait to watch it and try out your samples!
Submitted Friday, July 8th @ 08:43 AM

Name Sue
Comment Many thanks - we are so looking forward to creating new projects and trying all the ideas in the e-book.
Submitted Wednesday, July 6th @ 02:42 PM

Name Celeste
Comment Nice! Thank you for the awesome surprise. Totally unexpected and really cool!!!

Thanks Again!
Submitted Sunday, June 26th @ 03:34 PM

Name Joyce
Comment Thank you for the download E-Book great hints.
Submitted Sunday, June 26th @ 04:42 AM

Name Sharan
Comment I'm sooooo excited. Thank you for your great ideas. Can't wait to start :)
Submitted Friday, June 17th @ 11:45 AM

Name Elizabeth Perez
Comment I would like to learn more i found this very unique to have and do many things with the help of youe great ideas
Submitted Thursday, June 2nd @ 06:54 PM

Name Robin
Comment Thank you so much for the e-book download. I am looking forward to looking through it.
Submitted Tuesday, May 31st @ 05:09 AM

Name Vickie
Comment Thank you so much for the free e-book. I love Dazzles, and I can't wait to read the e-book. God Bless, Vickie
Submitted Saturday, May 28th @ 04:36 PM

Name Judy
Comment How wonderful of you to share this E-book of terrific dazzle ideas. Each one offers something new to get the creative juices flowing. Thank you.
Submitted Saturday, May 28th @ 03:27 PM

Name Linda
Comment Thankyou so much, can't wait to get started!
Submitted Wednesday, May 25th @ 10:19 AM

Name Jayne Mallia
Comment Iam very thankful for this e-book I have just downloaded. I am looking forward to look through it as soon as I send my comment. I am sure going to like it. I am a crafty person and I like all sorts of craft even if I do not know how to do it. eg Ganutel & Monaster which in Malta is very popular.It is made of small hand made flowers (done with embroidery or silk thread winded on many sizes of wire). Thanks again. Jayne
Submitted Saturday, May 21st @ 11:30 AM

Name Mary Ellen
Comment excellent job, thanks to share with everybody.
Love it.

I live in Puerto Rico and I talk to everybody about your link.

Submitted Monday, April 25th @ 05:51 PM

Name Carol
Comment Thank you!!!
I love this ebook
Submitted Sunday, April 17th @ 10:04 PM

Name Berni
Comment Thank you for the early xmas gift
Submitted Sunday, April 17th @ 01:42 PM

Name Vicki
Comment Thank you so much for the e-book...I am new to Dazzles and can't wait to see what I am missing!
Submitted Tuesday, March 1st @ 05:15 PM

Name Sara
Comment Love the e-book - fabulous and thanks so much for the videos. Thought I had lost this book at one time and I'm so glad I found it again on your website. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas - I'm now into cardmaking thanks to you. It's a great way to use up parts of kits and paper pads that are left overs.
Submitted Friday, February 11th @ 02:00 PM

Name Lila
Comment Thank you! Such great ideas.
Submitted Friday, January 21st @ 02:16 AM

Name neda
Comment hi i join for you from iran
Submitted Sunday, December 26th @ 08:49 AM

Name Lovely GG
Comment WOW What great ideas
Submitted Friday, December 10th @ 02:39 AM

Name Linda
Comment Thankyou so much! As I am new to paper crafting this will be invaluable!
Submitted Wednesday, December 8th @ 06:25 PM

Name Heather
Comment Thanks so much for sharing this, I am new to Dazzles so all the info on how tho use them I can can the better. Again thanks so much for this. God Bless
Submitted Wednesday, December 8th @ 11:19 AM

Name sophie
Comment Thank you very much for the book. Love dazzles
Submitted Tuesday, December 7th @ 11:13 AM

Name Lucretia M. Hyett
Comment Thanks for all you do for us paper crafters. This book is great and has a lot of inspirational ideas to jump start one's own creativity. What a great freebie. Have a blessed holiday season as you celebrate your mother, Paulette. I know firsthand how hard it is to lose your mother.
Submitted Friday, November 26th @ 06:40 AM

Name lola
Comment merci thank you Love Dazzles and loved the E-book.
Submitted Thursday, November 25th @ 04:37 PM

Name tania
Comment Thank you!
Submitted Monday, November 22nd @ 11:56 PM

Name Suzee
Comment I love the E book and all the dazzles, they really make a card come alive
Thank You millions for doing this
Submitted Monday, November 22nd @ 09:46 AM

Name Sherrie
Comment Paulette, you and your company are the best!!!
Thanks for the Dazzles E-Book.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!
Submitted Sunday, November 21st @ 08:44 AM

Name Mardell
Comment I absolutely love this e-book. Thank you so much for showing me how to use the dazzles. You are awesome!!!!
Submitted Friday, November 19th @ 08:30 PM

Name cheri
Comment It's no wonder you are my favorite scrapbooking/card-making site. You guys are great. Thanks for this wonderful gift!
Submitted Friday, November 19th @ 06:46 AM

Name Marsha
Comment WOW - What a wonderful gift. Thanks so much.
Submitted Friday, November 19th @ 01:25 AM

Name Deanna
Comment What a great surprise in my inbox! Thanks so much!!
Submitted Thursday, November 18th @ 05:53 PM

Name Joan
Comment I love using Dazzles - I used them on my Christmas cards this year. Thanks for giving this gift.
Submitted Thursday, November 18th @ 12:14 PM

Name Sharon
Comment I am really excited with the download of your e-book. I really did not know anything about Dazzles although I was given some by a friend as a going away gift. I have not had the time to play with the Dazzles but after seeing this e-book I will make the time. My friend and I keep in touch by e-mail and I will for sure tell her about this. Thank you for the excellent gift.
Submitted Thursday, November 18th @ 09:17 AM

Name Donna
Comment What a wonderful gift. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. This was very special of youl
Submitted Thursday, November 18th @ 04:45 AM

Name Tere
Comment I love Dazzles, this product is fantastic. thanks for the free book this will be used over and over. I love the instructions. I would also like to see more instruction to paper piece with color. Thanks Paulette
Submitted Thursday, November 18th @ 12:19 AM

Name Judy
Comment Thank you for the free book! It's so nice in this day and age to get something so wonderful for free! Use your products, have belonged to your card kit club and loved it!
Submitted Wednesday, November 17th @ 08:02 PM

Name Dena
Comment Thank you for the early Christmas present. This is a great download, and I know that I will refer to it often.
Submitted Wednesday, November 17th @ 04:20 AM

Name Sharon
Comment Thank-you..it was great..loved the ideas and techniques!!!
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 08:45 PM

Name Sue
Comment Thank you very much for the E-book. It was very kind and generous of you to provide this for us. I am excited to look at it and use some of those dazzles I've been collecting.
Thanks again!
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 07:38 PM

Name Julie
Comment What a great idea! However, for me, it doesn't work. Perhaps I have an older computer. I've attempted both ways of downloading but neither works. I am so disappointed!!! I see that others are enjoying the ebook. Happy Dazzling everyone!
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 06:02 PM

Name Patty
Comment Thanks for the free Dazzles book. I can't wait to review the book and use the new Dazzles that I ordered for the first time.
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 05:02 PM

Name Kathy
Comment Thanks for the awesome book, I really like how dazzles look on the projects.
I have been doing the burnished velvet method on the dazzles, they turn out gorgeous.

Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 04:55 PM

Name Dianna
Comment Thank you for keeping us creative!
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 04:24 PM

Name pamdux
Comment Thank you so much.
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 02:13 PM

Name Kathryn
Comment I LOVE the Dazzles, so this is just the BEST gift! Thanks so much!!!
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 02:06 PM

Name Stacy
Comment Thanks so much! What a thoughtful thing to do.
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 12:20 PM

Name Char-
Comment Thanks for this wonderful ebook to help me be more creative with my dazzles.
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 11:48 AM

Name Lisa
Comment I love getting ideas for ways to use your products.
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 11:47 AM

Name Joyce
Comment What a great surprise. I love this ebook. I love the dazzles so much it seems I never have enough. I love the dazzles treat I get every other month.
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 11:24 AM

Name Bobbie
Comment Thanks you so much! You always do a great job!!!
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 10:03 AM

Name Diana
Comment Thanks so much.....they are wonderful ! Have been using Dazzles to make some candles. Love them !
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 09:50 AM

Name Joyce
Comment Thank you so much. What a lovely gift. This is something I will definitely use.
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 06:42 AM

Name LaJoyce
Comment I'm new to using dazzles, so I appreciate the ideas on what great things can be done with them. I love what you all do at paper wishes.
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 06:38 AM

Name Denise
Comment Love the e-book and I love the dazzles though I know them as outline stickers. I stock up on different ones when I go home to the UK.
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 05:40 AM

Name Melissa
Comment FAbulous!! Very excited to get it open and start playing. I am a collector, like many other scrapbookers and card makers, so I have lots of dazzles just waiting to be used!! Thanks!!
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 05:16 AM

Name Anne
Comment Absolutely Dazzleicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a fantastic idea. Thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful ideas with us all.
Submitted Tuesday, November 16th @ 01:36 AM

Name Kari
Comment Woo Hoo! More fun with one of my favs -- Dazzles! Thank You!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 09:47 PM

Name Dennis
Comment Thank you very much Dazzles.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 09:28 PM

Name Cari
Comment Thank you so much, I am always looking for new ways to use what I have. You gals always come up with the most creative items. Keep up the good work.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 09:02 PM

Name bARB
Comment Thanks so much can't wait to sit down and watch the video and read the hints. I love the Dazzles....
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 08:27 PM

Name Donna
Comment Thank you so much for the download. I can't wait to look at the entire thing.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 07:57 PM

Name Cindy
Comment Thank you Thank you Thank you i was just thinking tonight that I need to start making my Christmas cards and gifts for our family. I really appreciate your ideas to help get me jump started for my holiday gift giving. You ARE truly AWESOME!!!!!!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 06:45 PM

Name Karen
Comment Thank you for the free ebook. It's wonderful. Now I use all those dazzles I bought! Thanks again!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 06:44 PM

Name Dorothy
Comment Thanks so much for your gererosity. Can't wait for so time to sit and take a better look at it.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 06:29 PM

Name Wanda
Comment This E-Book is awesome!! I just purchased a bunch of dazzles and this will give me numerous ideas on how to use them. I can't wait for additional E-books.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 06:04 PM

Name ana
Comment Thank you so much for this video. It's fantastic.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 05:29 PM

Name Leslie
Comment This eBook is awesome!! Dazzles are so much fun!! Thanks, Paulette and staff, for sharing this with us! You all rock!!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 04:39 PM

Name DorisC
Comment I'm addicted to Dazzles and can't seem to make cards without them! Love the eBook and the ability to watch the videos while browsing.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 04:26 PM

Name Lynette
Comment Thank you for such a fantastic book. Will love making these designs.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 03:17 PM

Name Jorgi
Comment Dear Paulette, what a lovely surprise! This e-book is wonderful! I can hardly wait to use this - over and over and . . .
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 02:46 PM

Name Ann
Comment Thank you so much for the helpful e-book!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 02:05 PM

Name Rhoda
Comment Thank you very much for the book. it's great. i downloaded it to my desk top so it's right there when i need it. I believe the Dazzels are the best ideal yet.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 01:58 PM

Name Sandy
Comment Thank you so much for this idea book!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 01:48 PM

Name Susan
Comment Thank you so much for the Dazzles e-book looking forward to reading
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 01:38 PM

Name Judi
Comment Wow! Thanks so much for the E-book! I love the dazzles...use them on cards...but I'm sure there are so many ideas that I've not thought of! So much to do and so little time!!! Thanks again...
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 01:23 PM

Name Sandra
Comment Thanks A Bunch! I enjoy reading your emails and I'm sure I will also enjoy the free EBook!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 12:36 PM

Name Christal
Comment Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I think the Dazzles are beautiful, but had NO idea how to use them! Thanks so much!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 12:23 PM

Name Barb
Comment I just finsihed downloading and browsing through the new ebook for Dazzles, and have to say "thank you, thank you"!!! This is the icing on the cake to the bi-monthly, premier dazzles kit, which always seems to come when least expected -- what a treat. Thanks again for all the work you do; it is so greatly appreciated by all crafters, I'm sure. Your love for what you do, and want to do for others is so obvious. It's such a small, simple word, but filled with meaning -- THANKS.
Barb, Canada
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 12:14 PM

Name sara
Comment This is a super great gift! Thank you so much. I used dazzles on my Christmas ornaments last year and they really added a fine touch. I love them on just about any project and am really looking forward to looking through this ebook entirely.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 12:06 PM

Name Dagmar
Comment Thanks sooooooooo much!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 11:48 AM

Name Pat
Comment Love it!! Thank you so much. Hope you have plans for more e-books. Enjoyed watching the videos and the helpful hints.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 11:34 AM

Name Kathi
Comment What a lovely surprise and treat! Thank you for sharing with us. I would be willing to purchase a cd or whatever made of archived webisodes. Would be lovely to have similar themes grouped together on a cd/dvd to be able to watch/pause as I worked along.
Thank you again. Happy Holidays!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 11:27 AM

Name Nancy
Comment What a great way to thank your customers. This book
is a wonderful gift. Thank you so very much. These days
one doesn't get many things for free, and it is so very
thoughtful of you. It is very informative and well put together. Can't wait to try some of your ideas. Thanks
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 11:10 AM

Name Emma
Comment What a clever way to show and keep
booksasnd how tos. Love the designs and Dazzles.
Videos are priceless!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 10:54 AM

Name Rene
Comment Thank you so much - I have been using Dazzles almost since they came out! LOVE THEM!!!! I am a member of the Dazzle club and love my new mailings!

Thanks so much for doing the E-Book for us - way to go!!!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 10:31 AM

Name rita
Comment I am not familiar with dazzle. Sorry i haven't been living under a rock but I am just not sure what it is. I am sure this free gift will be an eye opener and give me an abundance of challenges to tackle. Thank you.

Response from Paulette:

That's okay Rita, I hope the ebook will give you a preview to Dazzles. Enjoy!

Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 10:25 AM

Name Barbara
Comment I just had a chance to download this e-book and take a peek. This is just fantastic. Love dazzles and also have the pens to change color. Thanks!!!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 10:23 AM

Name darlene
Comment What a wonderful gift! I have many dazzles and I love them! This may give me more ideas on how to use them more often in my cardmaking. Thanks so much!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 09:41 AM

Name Lisa
Comment What a great gift. Thanks. I love dazzles.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 09:30 AM

Name Gerrie
Comment I haven't had a chance to take a look at the book, but I certainly appreciate your generosity. Right now I am busy making cds of all of my old family photos to put in a decorated Sarabinder with cd inserts as Christmas gifts for my children. I am 73 years old and so these photos are quite old and they have requested me to copy them. I am sure I will get some ideas for the embellishments on the Sarabinders. Thank you so much.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 09:25 AM

Name Shirley
Comment Thanks so much for the free download! This is going to be soooo much fun, I can hardly wait to sit down and look at it!!!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 08:35 AM

Name Gordon
Comment I LOVE this book. I have a drawer full of dazzles and am clueless. I also like to make the dazzles when I am inspired and then have a bunch to choose from when doing my projects.

Thanks a dazzle!!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 08:34 AM

Name Rita
Comment WOW!! thanks so much for your generosity. look forward to your webisodes and now you give us this! you and your staff are the best - Happy Holidays to you all!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 08:05 AM

Name Coreen
Comment Thanks for providing this - now I the inspiration to make more cards with my stash of Dazzles and will probably need to bu more!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 07:52 AM

Name Joyce
Comment I have used Dazzles recently, but I only used them as peel and stick. I didn't have any idea what all could be accomplished with them. Thanks so much for all the revelations. I'm on my way to bigger and better things.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 07:48 AM

Name Janis
Comment What a wonderful gift! I just love dazzles. Now I know I will use them even more. A Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 07:07 AM

Name Ruby
Comment I knew there were many more ways to use the Dazzles!!!! Now I have them in black and white to refer to....thanks so much!!!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 06:50 AM

Name lea
Comment Awesome! Thank you so much!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 05:23 AM

Name Cynthia S.
Comment What a wonderful collection of videos and projects! Thank you for putting this dazzle(ing) collection together for us.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 05:10 AM

Name Doris
Comment Muchas gracias, muy lindos todos los proyectos.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 03:13 AM

Name heather
Comment thank you so much for this lovely book.i love your site .keep it up well done again .happy Thankgiving to you all .regards .Heather
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 02:43 AM

Name Dee Ann
Comment I really thank you!!!! I have already started on my Christmas cards with the Merry Christmas Dazzles. No more guesswork for what to do for simple projects.
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 02:38 AM

Name Nefret
Comment Merci ! Merci ! C'est super !
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 01:09 AM

Name Asha
Comment Thank you! Blew my Christmas procrastinations right out the window! Am a BIG BIG fan! Once again - Thank Youuu!!!!
Submitted Monday, November 15th @ 12:49 AM

Name Patricia
Comment Many thanks to all at Paper Wishes for your generosity in providing us this material. It is late now, so I look forward to getting a cup of coffee in the morning and going through the whole e-book at my leisure. I know I will find many great new ideas. Thanks again!
Submitted Sunday, November 14th @ 11:09 PM

Name Pat
Comment Thank you very much for the lovely gift. I look forward to using more and more dazzles.
Submitted Sunday, November 14th @ 10:49 PM

Name Terry
Comment Thanks for more great ideas and very cute things to do with my free time!!
The download is great, and so easy to save for when I do have time! Can hardlywait to use some of them!
Submitted Sunday, November 14th @ 10:01 PM

Name Judy
Comment I loved the free eBook. It's going to be great fun to make some of the pages, cards, etc. I can't wait. I wish I had all of your dazzles. They make everything look so elegant. Thanks!!
Submitted Sunday, November 14th @ 01:15 PM

Name Heidi
Comment Being a VIP is sure swell. This is such a fun and helpful idea. I learned a lot of new stuff. Thanks for taking the time to do something special for your customers and fans.
Submitted Sunday, November 14th @ 12:24 PM

Name kathyc
Comment Paulette....you knock my socks off! In an age when most business treat you like just another credit card number, HOTP treats its customers like treasured friends. No wonder we keep coming back to you again and again. Thank you for this awesome gift!
Submitted Sunday, November 14th @ 11:50 AM

Comment I like this Ebook so now I have this all the time when I need it BUT some of the dazzles you showed and used are not avaible to us so how are we to make the card or page as you show. The FAR EAST DAZZLES ARE NOT ON YOUR SITE OR CATALOG. I USE YOU PRODUCTS ALL THE TIME AND LIKE YOU COMPANY BUT IT IS FRUSTRATING TO SEE SOMETHING YOU LIKE SO MUCH BUT CAN NOT BUY ITEMS TO MAKE THAT SPECIAL CRAFT YOU SHOWED.

Response from Paulette Jarvey:

You have good eyes! You are right, the Far East Dazzles won't be here until January 1. I'm sorry for this frustration. I hope the other ideas made up for this one not being available quite yet.

Submitted Sunday, November 14th @ 06:12 AM

Name Kim
Comment Thank you so much, Paulette! I really enjoy being a "VIP" customer, especiially because of what I need to do to qualify. I "make out like a bandit" every which way. It's such a delightful surprise to receive so many new ideas and free samples. You and your wonderful team always make me feel so special. This E-book looks like a perfect way to use so many of the Dazzles I've collected.
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 09:02 PM

Name susan
Comment How wonderful. thanks for sharing all the talent and great ideas on how to use these dazzles. You gave me some great ideas. The reason I love your products is because you always give us ideas on how to use them. Thank you HOTP for expanding my talents with your generosity and expertise. Susan
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 08:52 PM

Name Mary Melcher
Comment Oh my Goodness. This is a wonderfull download. Thanks so much. It will be a great help to me especially on the ornaments and Sara's folders. Again. Thanks so much for giving this to us. LUV, LUV, LUV!!!
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 07:09 PM

Name Georgia
Comment What a fabulous ebook. Great videos and how-to's. I hope you get tons of positive responses because I would love to see more! I would really like having your week of webisode videos and all the instructions done up this way. I know that I wouldn't be the only one who would appreciate the effort.
Thanks for such a great website and all the wonderufl products you sell and the inspiration you generate.
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 06:52 PM

Name Debbie
Comment Beautifully done illustrated books on Dazzles & their many uses!

I LOVE DAZZLES and anyone I have ever given a card to raves about the card!!!

Thank you for making this complimentary!!! I'll be purchasing more Dazzles soon!!!
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 05:16 PM

Name Marti
Comment Thank You so very much! It is a pleasure doing businesss with you every year!

Keep help the great work and have the happiest and Merriest of Holidays! No matter how each of you celebrate them!

Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 04:54 PM

Name Cheryl
Comment I love all the great ideas you have.
Wish I could afford to buy all of
the stuff I see in the book.
If my husband knew how much
I do buy I would be in trouble

Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 04:53 PM

Name Judy
Comment Wow, what a lovely surprise. You guys are really the best! Love your videos and all the great ideas you're continually coming up with. Thanks so much!
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 03:26 PM

Name Debbie
Comment THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for this awesome gift. It fits into my Christmas card making & other projects perfectly. I can't say thank you enough. Happy Holidays to all of you at Paper Wishes, too. Especially to you Paulette!
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 01:29 PM

Name Susan
Comment Thank you so much. This is a very cool book. I look forward to seeing more resources/inspiration books like this one. A very good idea.
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 01:27 PM

Name Judy
Comment WOW and another WOW! Thanks so much for the e-book. Lots of GREAT idea and the freebies are super. Ya'll are wonderful.

Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 11:45 AM

Name Connie
Comment After seeing only part of this ebook, I love it! I love Dazzles and this gives great ideas. Thanks for the freebies-just one of the reasons I love Paper Wishes.
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 10:34 AM

Name Sheila
Comment Very well done!! Easy way to to see how to do extra elements with the dazzles. All in one place -- we can check out how to do different techniques with the dazzles -- complete with video.
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 10:22 AM

Name Carolyn
Comment You have done it again -- you prove over and over again why I so much enjoy you and your webisodes. I look forward to each Wednesday -- and NOW this ebook - it's wonderful. I already can't wait for your next ebook. I was, however, hoping I would see your demonstrate using th innies - I still have a problem using them.

Response from Paulette Jarvey:

I agree that the part showing the transfer sheet was much shorter than I would have liked but I only had 10 minutes for all the demos. You can see a demo of it being used by going to our website, PaperWishes.com. Then type Transfer Sheet into the search engine and it will bring you to the product page. There Ann will demonstrate the sheet in detail. I hope this helps.

Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 08:51 AM

Name Tammy
Comment Oh my gosh! This is wonderful! Thanks so much, HOTP! This little e-book contains how-to videos and then detailed insructions for the projects - including cards, scrapbook pages, and gift projects. If that was not enough, at the end there are printable images that match up with various Dazzles! You can print them over and over. And yes, I am a Dazzleholic. I don't have all of them, yet, but that time will come!
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 07:47 AM

Name Jamie
Comment Awesome idea! I always love new ideas, especially for dazzles! I love them!! Thank you so much!!
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 06:19 AM

Name Bette
Comment Love it, can't believe all this for free.
No wonder we all love paper wishes
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 06:17 AM

Name Diane
Comment Thanks for the book.
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 06:12 AM

Name Pat
Comment Great idea! No longer have to go through archived videos to brush up on something - it's right at my fingertips. Wonderful ideas, helpful hints, how-to videos, all in one place. Thanks Paulette. Happy Holidays!
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 04:48 AM

Name Heather
Comment Omg thank you! That was a great surprise to get that. I love the videos & directions cause I have everyone of the dazzles. Could you please show in more detail on how to paper piece the colors, like the nut cracker. Thank you for such wonderful products & the webisodes are the absolute best. Happy Thanksgiving.
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 04:15 AM

Name Cheryl
Comment This e-book is REALLY neat. I hadn't looked closely at the cover, so when it was downloaded, I was pleasantly surprised to discover all the videos and die-cuts inside!

I love dazzles, use them in lots of different was and was really surprised to discover that there were several ideas presented that were new to me!

Thanks, PW!
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 03:18 AM

Name Nancy
Comment This is an EXCELLENT resource with lots of great techniques to maximize your dazzles!
Submitted Saturday, November 13th @ 03:09 AM

Name Donna
Comment Thank you so much for this free download! I can't wait to watch all the videos and use your samples for inspiration! I have purchased lots of dazzles already, but I think I'll be needing a few more!
Thanks again.
Submitted Friday, November 12th @ 10:06 PM

Name Janet
Comment Fantastic cannot wait to watch the whole thing.
Submitted Friday, November 12th @ 09:48 PM

Name Iris
Comment Thank you! How fun is this going to be. You gals are always coming up with a great idea!
Submitted Friday, November 12th @ 09:27 PM

Name Beverly
Comment Love Dazzles and loved the E-book. It was really great reading the helpful hints and watching the videos. Thank you gor doing this. =)
Submitted Friday, November 12th @ 09:00 PM

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