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Customer Comments

Name kendell
Comment Thanks ever so much for sharing
Submitted Thursday, August 6th @ 04:00 AM

Name Pam
Comment Thank You so very much. Every thing that Paper Wishes does is First Rate. We are ALL so lucky that You are here to teach us all these wonderful things to do.
Submitted Wednesday, January 21st @ 02:34 AM

Name Cecilia
Comment Thank you so much. I'm sure I will love it. As I do all your videos. Hope you will have a great Christmas and have a happy new year.
Submitted Wednesday, December 26th @ 03:48 AM

Name Donna
Comment I love these stencils. I haven't had a chance to use them,yet, but I know they will be wonderful when I get to then. I'll have all this coming year to make cards, etc., to use these stencils. It's going to be a lot of fun!!
Submitted Sunday, December 23rd @ 02:37 AM

Name Joanne
Comment I love it. It is great to have so many ideas at your fingertips.

What a great gift. Thank you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
Submitted Tuesday, December 18th @ 07:47 AM

Name Sherri
Comment Thanks so much for yet another great gift! It's like Christmas every time I open my mailbox!
Submitted Sunday, December 16th @ 10:42 AM

Name PAT
Comment Thank you, I will let you after I use it.
Submitted Monday, December 10th @ 06:11 PM

Name Peg
Comment Thank you Happy Holidays
Submitted Sunday, December 9th @ 03:54 AM

Name Linda E.
Comment Thanks for the download, I will be able to refer to it often when I need ideas as I get stumped on what to make sometimes. I will consider this a holiday treat. Happy Holidays to you all at Paper Wishes...I love your site and all your tutorials.
Submitted Saturday, December 8th @ 09:35 PM

Name Bonnie
Comment Thank you for the nice Download!! What a great addition to my ebooks that I can use over and over!!

Thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone at Paper Wishes!!
Submitted Saturday, December 8th @ 11:19 AM

Name Bonni
Comment Wow, so many techniques I had never even thought of! Thanks so much for sharing!!
Submitted Saturday, December 8th @ 10:03 AM

Name Pat
Comment Thank you so much for this generous gift. Wishing you and your family a very Blessed Christmas and a Healthy Happy Upcoming New Year! God Bless
Submitted Saturday, December 8th @ 09:53 AM

Name Gretta
Comment Thank you so much for being you. The material I get from you is amazing I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. you have made mine again Thank you
Submitted Saturday, December 8th @ 08:02 AM

Name Eileen
Comment Wow. I never dreamed you could so many different techniques with a stencil. I have so many ideas floating thru my head. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas gift.
Submitted Thursday, December 6th @ 09:51 AM

Name Eileen
Comment To the folks at Paper Wishes - Thank your for your great Customer service and all of the wonderful Tips & Tricks you've shared with us. I'm still learning the how to's of Card making, and this was a very pleasant surprise. You always seem to have the latest & greatest in product for us. Many Wishes to you and your families for a Great Holiday season!
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 08:06 PM

Name Fay Marie
Comment Thanks you so much for this wonderful gift. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 04:50 PM

Name Victoria F
Comment Thank you Paper Wishes gang for the gift. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all.
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 01:34 PM

Name Kathy Serrahn
Comment What a wonderful gift
Awesome projects and ideas
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 12:33 PM

Name Sandra
Comment Much love, thanks and appreciation for this wonderful Christmas gift. Blessed greetings and pray for world peace all of us.
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 11:42 AM

Name Diane
Comment Thank you so much. What a wonderful Gift to all of us and may we all use it to the fullest. A very Merry Christmas and a Very Prosperous New Year to all of you !
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 10:43 AM

Name Melody
Comment Thanks for this book. I have so many stencils and don't use them, maybe this will get me started.
Once again thanks, Melody
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 08:15 AM

Name Sharon
Comment Thanks for the stencils and ideas. A nice surprise from a great company. Have a Blessed Christmas to you and your families!
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 08:15 AM

Name patty
Comment Thank u so much for the e book. A merry Christmas to u all. I just love ur material things, & great ideals on how to use them. I wish u a blessed Christmas.
Submitted Wednesday, December 5th @ 06:25 AM

Name Jeannie
Comment Thank you so much Paper Wishes, you all are so awesome. Thank you for always giving back to us, your loyal customers. Merry Christmas and a most prosperous New Year to you!
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 09:20 PM

Name Brenda
Comment Thank you and your whole team for the wonderful free ebook that I know is going to enhance my creativity greatly. I love working with stencils and the new ideas to work with them is greatly appreciated. I love Paper Wishes for giving us all the great ideas and products.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family, and all your employees for making this past year a productive one for all scrapbookers. God Bless You, Brenda
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 07:34 PM

Name Carol Jean
Comment Thanks so much! Paper Wishes is # 1 for me. Love your company. Warm holiday wishes to all of you.
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 02:37 PM

Name Susan
Comment Just wanted to say "thank you" for the great stencil ideas and I hope you and your staff have a wonderful holiday.
I love being a part of your family. Thanks, Susan V
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 09:09 AM

Name Karen
Comment What a nice gift! Love the ideas.
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 07:23 AM

Name Susie
Comment Thank you kindly!
I love Paper Wishes!
Merry Christmas!
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 05:46 AM

Name Marianne den Butter
Comment Ontzettend bedankt! Ik ga hier zeker van genieten.
Gods onmisbare zegen op het kerstfeest en in het nieuwe jaar.

Response from PaPer Wishes:

Translated by Google from Dutch to English:

"Thank you so much! I will definitely enjoy it.
God indispensable blessing at Christmas and in the new year."

Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 04:01 AM

Name Nirvana Goorun
Comment A very big thank you for the very special gift. Happy Holidays and God Bless
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 02:05 AM

Name Vicki
Comment Thank You so much! I haven't thought much about Stencils, until now. Didn't think there was much coloring to do. Now, I'll have a go at it! Thanks again for the tips!! Hugs!
Merry Christmas to All!!!
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 12:26 AM

Name Peggy
Comment Thanks so much for your for this special gift. You, Paulette, and your company are so generous with all you share.
Submitted Tuesday, December 4th @ 12:13 AM

Name Margaret
Comment Thankyou for your generous & great gift. I love your webisodes and all the lovely ideas you send our way. I hope all the team at Paper Wishes enjoys a very Happy and Holy Christmas and a wonderful, fun-filled New Year.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 09:42 PM

Name Brenda
Comment Wow! Thanks a bunch. How nice to have all these tips and techniques conveniently at hand! Much appreciated. Merry to Christmas to all of you at Paper Wishes!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 09:02 PM

Name Cynthia
Comment Thank You Paper Wishes for the free download. I have lots of these stencils from earlier crafting years. Now I can pull them back out again. It's very rare for a company to give out anything free these days. It's usually just some sort of discount. Your company amazes me. I will always be a loyal customer. Merry Christmas to all of you at Paper Wishes and your families!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 09:02 PM

Name Glad
Comment Thank you so much CUP.Merry Christmas to all the team.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 08:15 PM

Name Marge
Comment Thanks to all of you at Paper Wishes. You are all wonderful with great ideas and thoughtful gifts. This is one of them. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season with your families. I bought a Christmas card kit and started making them in January this past year. I am very excited for my family and friends to receive them. Thank you so much for all those ideas. I love them all. As I made each one I felt very close to all your designers. They are fabulous.

Merry Christmas to you all.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 08:13 PM

Name pam duxbury
Comment Thank you so much.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 06:38 PM

Name gail
Comment Thank you so much for your wonderful gift. I have been wanting to explore more with metal stencils that I have and now you have given me a reason to do so. You are very generous and it will not be forgotten. MERRY CHRISTMAS and Blessed New Year to you!!!!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:55 PM

Name Linda
Comment thank you very much. Have a Blessed Christmas.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:53 PM

Name Claire
Comment Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:11 PM

Name Denise
Comment This is a lovely gift, THANK YOU so much. I have had some great craft times with your templates that I have received through your templates that I get every other month. I have a couple of other crafters that order with me and we all enjoy everything that we have ordered from you. Sharing with other Aussies in Queensland. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK/SUPPLIES
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:09 PM

Name Tania
Comment Thank you so much, what a lovely surprise! I'm a fairly new Paper Wish-er but I have to say that I'm so glad I found you guys. From the great products to the wonderful webisodes and the friendly customer service, I really do feel like part of the family. Thanks Paulette and thanks to everyone who helps make Paper Wishes the great company it is! Happy Holidays!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 04:46 PM

Name Chris
Comment Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 03:53 PM

Name Barbara
Comment Thank you and a Very Merry Christmas, and all the Best to every for the New Year.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 03:52 PM

Name Tricia
Comment What a wonderful gift. Thank you so much for thinking of us. I sure many of us may know of these ideas, however, it is nice to be reminder from time to time. Can`t wait to get started and may you all have a Merry Merry Christmas!!!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 03:31 PM

Name Lola
Comment Thank you so much..
Happy Holidays, God Bless
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 03:23 PM

Name Connie
Comment thank you so much for the free e-book. I usually lack creativity with stencils so will put it to much use. I LOVE Paper Wishes!!!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 02:55 PM

Name karen
Comment I agree with everyone above... you can' get much for free anymore,especially 'how to' books. I too have a lot of metal stencils and could stand a few more ideas to use them.
Thanks and MErry Christmas!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 02:37 PM

Name Pat
Comment Thank you so very much for the lovely gift. As soon as my son gets here, I'll find out how to read what I've hopefully succeeded in downloading. It's very kind of you to offer this and the savings on the stencils is another gift. You're wonderful to us, which is why we love you and continue enjoying buying your wonderful supply of goodies.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 02:00 PM

Name Val
Comment Once again your generosity overwhelms me and I am so glad I found your website. May you have a wonderful Christmas and a joyful New Year.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 01:10 PM

Name Pat
Comment Great gift! Thank you!

Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 12:23 PM

Name Susab
Comment Thanks so much for this wonderful gift. The ideas will continue to inspire me aswill many others thing you give us.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 11:48 AM

Name Tania
Comment Wow, That was a nice early Christmas gift! Thank you so much!
Very nice of you to do that for your members! We love your products at Paperwishes.com!!! :D
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 10:53 AM

Name Cindy
Comment Thanks! I have quite a collection of these stencils and appreciate the new ideas on how to use.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 10:52 AM

Name Fran
Comment Thank you. New ideas always welcome.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 10:43 AM

Name Terri
Comment Great ideas in this eBook. Paulette gives us a sort of refresher course on techniques that we may have used before, and speaking for myself, have forgotten. This is yet another reason to LOVE Paper Wishes! Thank you so much for bringing this to us.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 10:25 AM

Name Sharon
Comment Thank you so much. Love the ebooks that I have from you. Just want you to know that all of your hard work is very much appreciated. All you put into these and then you give them to us as gifts. THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 10:25 AM

Name Jackie
Comment Thank you so much for this wonderful gift! You are so Amazing Paulette with all the ideas and gifts you give us, your customers. You have no idea how much you Bless me.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 10:17 AM

Name Janice
Comment Thank you
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 09:00 AM

Name Florence
Comment Thank you so much for Stencil book. I belong to the club and this will help me use my stencils more. Thanks again.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 08:43 AM

Name Jonel
Comment Love stencils, and all the fun things that can be done with them. Thank you so much for the free download. Can't wait to try the new technique with the cutting machine. Thank you for all you do to give us an outlet for creativity. Love Paper Wishes.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 08:06 AM

Name Joyce
Comment Thank you for the free stencil ebook.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 08:05 AM

Name Sarah
Comment Thank you for this free gift!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 07:47 AM

Name Joanne
Comment Thank you so much for this wonderful resource! The techniques demonstrated in the videos are so easy to follow and will get me to take out those metal stencils I've neglected.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 07:23 AM

Name Carole
Comment Thank you
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 07:15 AM

Name Jean
Comment Thank you so much!! I will use this as I have many stencils and never a creative thought in my head! I love all the ideas that you create for people like me!! Paulette, I can't say enough how much I admire you and appreciate Paper Wishes. I am sure it has become HUGE but you still run it as a family type business. I for one LOVE it! Merry Christmas to you and your family and extended (employees) family! You are the best!!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 06:50 AM

Name Randee
Comment Thank You, Paulette, for the generous eBook. Paper Wishes/HOTP is my favorite crafting site. Love your Webisodes. Your site is easy to use and adding PayPal as a pay option is a major bonus.

Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years to You and your Staff!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 06:34 AM

Name Gretta
Comment Thank you so much for sharing this will have fun doing the projects
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:52 AM

Name Joy
Comment Thank you Paulette
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:27 AM

Name Anita
Comment a wonderful collection of ideas - thanks for the gift
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:23 AM

Name Judy
Comment Paulette, I consider this as a very nice Christmas gift from you! Thank you! I have seen PDF files before but this one is really unique because you have actually added in little webisodes of how to do everything! Thanks so much for being the great company you are!Hope you have the merriest of Christmases!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:22 AM

Name Lisa L
Comment How fun! Thank you for sharing!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:20 AM

Name carolyn
Comment thank you
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 05:19 AM

Name Georgia
Comment Another amazing book and free no less! Paper Wishes rocks.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 04:59 AM

Name Adonna
Comment Thanks for the download it is great!!! Gave me a lot of ideas and info on how to use the products shown. Avery clear and concise demo and very adaptable for my use. Thanks again and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you at Paper Wishes. Adonna
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 04:58 AM

Name Shirley
Comment Thank you Paper wishes for wonderful ideas and products. Your videos are most imformative.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 04:28 AM

Name Bonnie
Comment I want to thank you for doing this. I knew alot of these ways but it's very nice to be refreshed and learn some at the same time. Again, thank you. Bonnie
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 04:21 AM

Name Sally
Comment Thank You .
Merry Christmas !!
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 04:04 AM

Name Emilie Boyd
Comment What a nice Xmas gift. I have boatloads of stencils since I bought them before they went out of style. I am on your mailing list for them now. Love them.
Submitted Monday, December 3rd @ 03:54 AM

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