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Masking is one of those basic stamping techniques that will make you feel like an artist! Plus, it’s really easy to do!

Masking makes it look as though one image is behind another, creating the illusion of depth. The image you stamp first is the one that will appear in front. The second image will look as though it’s partially behind the first.

What you’ll need
Scrap paper or a Post-It
Stamp with a clear outline

How to mask
Stamp your image on scrap paper or the Post-It. Cut out the image, cutting just inside the line.

Stamp the image again onto your regular paper. Place the paper mask on top, covering the image completely to protect it as you stamp the second time. This is where the temporary adhesive on the post-it comes in handy; otherwise, hold a corner of the paper mask down while you stamp.

Stamp again, positioning the image partially onto the mask. This second image will appear to be behind the first. Repeat, if you want additional images.

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