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Love Card
By Laura Nicholas

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Laura's Designer Tip

  • Use colored pencils to color the hearts and leaves on the tree.
  • Randomly stamp "Love" and hearts on a strip inside the card for a printed paper look.
  • Use the heart stamp in place of a word on the tag.



  1. Cover the card front with red and black striped paper. Cut the black texture paper to 3"x6 ½" and ink the edges.
  2. Stamp the tree image onto tan floral paper and trim, then stamp a heart at the bottom of the tree. Color in the hearts and leaves, as shown. Ink the edges, add penwork and mat with red texture paper. Glue to the black texture strip.
  3. Stamp a heart and "Love" to the tag. Color the hearts and leaves and add pen detail. Add arrow brads, small silk flower and decorated brads to the tags and black strip.
  4. Cut a slit along the trunk of the tree with an x-acto knife and thread gingham ribbon through. Glue to the end of the tag. Glue dot a bow to the end of the ribbon on the tag. Glue the black strip to the front of the card and ink the edges.
  5. Inside the card: Cut a 1 ½"x5" strip of tan floral paper. Ink the edges and mat with black texture paper. Cut a 3"x5" strip of striped paper and glue the tan strip down the center.
  6. Stamp "Love" and hearts down the strip of the tan floral paper. Add penwork and color in the images.
  7. Print greeting on the tag and stamp the heart. Color the heart and leaves and add pen detail.
  8. Cut a slit along the edge of the black mat and tuck ribbon through the slit. Glue the tag and bow to the strip. Add arrow brad to the tag and glue inside the card.

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