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Little Purse
By Susan Cobb

stamping project
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Susan's Tips:

  • The inside of the curved flap and inside front of the purse should be inked as well as the outside. If you get a saturation of color seeping to the inside of the slit, cover the inside of the front panel with ink to balance it.
  • A bit of color may seep to the inside in a few other areas, line the inside with colored tissue (to coordinate with the outside) before adding a gift.
  • Be sure the alcohol ink is completely dry before stamping/embossing on the surface.



  1. Place the flattened purse on your work surface protected with paper towels. Moisten the surface of one side of the box. Moisten the applicator felt with alcohol blending solution, then add 2 drops of bottle ink to one side of the applicator felt, and 2 drops of denim ink to other side of the felt. Use the applicator in a patting motion, rotating over the one side of the flattened purse to vary the color. Let dry, and repeat for the other side of the box. Make sure you completely cover the front and the back of the handle, and both sides of the curved flap. Open the purse enough to ink the inside of the front panel with the slit. Let it dry.
  2. Stamp a rose on the center of the flap with the embossing ink. Add embossing powder, and then shake off the excess back into the container. Emboss with the heat tool. Now assemble the box: Push the sides together to open the box. Flatten the bottom. Fold the curved flap, and then thread the handle through the slot along the fold of the flap. Insert the flap into the curved slot on the front of the purse.
  3. Use the embossing inkpad direct-to-paper to ink the outer edge of the handle, then add embossing powder and emboss with the heat tool. Lift the curved flap and use the same technique to emboss the edge. Repeat for the bottom of the front of the purse. Stamp the small swirl three times across the bottom front, and then emboss to create a border.
  4. Computer print or write "Mother" on white cardstock. Trim to a small rectangle, and then emboss the edges as in #3. Glue dot a ribbon and tag near bottom of handle as shown.

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