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Birthday Hat Card
By LeNae Gerig

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LeNae’s Designer Tip:  Looking for a great card idea for a young girl? Grab a set of plain alphabet stamps and incorporate “texting” symbols into your greeting for a style she’ll love. Another great tip? Using dark blue ink on bright pink paper results in a lighter tone than black ink, giving a softer look to your stamping.



  1. With the card fold at the left, line up the triangle pattern so the left edge is even with the fold. Trace the triangle onto the card front and cut the card to this shape. Cover the card front with striped paper with the stripes vertical.
  2. Cut a 1 1/2”-wide strip of pink diamonds paper and mat the top and bottom edges with white cardstock. Cut to fit across the center of the card front, but do not glue down yet. Stamp “B*D@Y Girl” centered on the diamonds strip. Punch a hole near the bottom right of the diamonds strip and add a yellow flower mini Brad Buddy™ over the hole, attaching it with a pink and yellow painted flower brad. Glue the strip to the card front, trimming even with the card edges.
  3. Cut out the small yellow tag and stamp “4U” on it. Cut 4” lengths of several ribbons and knot together. Glue the tag extending off the top right edge of the card at an angle and add the knotted ribbon bunch to the tag top with a small Zot™.
  4. Use the patterned scissors to cut a 1/4” wide strip of white cardstock and glue across the bottom edge of the “hat”. Trim even with the card edges.
  5. Inside: Cut a 1 1/4” piece of striped paper and lay along the bottom edge of the card inside. Use the pencil to trace where to cut the inside left edge of the paper. Trim, then glue and trim the excess paper from the right edge. Place a green flower mini Brad Buddy™ over the top right edge of the paper strip and mark the center with the pencil. Punch a hole where the mark is, then attach the mini Brad Buddy™ with a pink and yellow painted flower brad.

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