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Sympathy Card
By LeNae Gerig

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LeNae’s Designer Tip: This card features two of my favorite stamping techniques: Stippling and repetitive stamping. They’re both super-versatile and easy to learn!  


Stipple brush technique: To load the stipple brush with ink, first tap the bristles 2-3 times on your ink pad, then tap onto the card. The first tap will be the darkest, with subsequent taps being lighter and lighter until you will need to load the brush again. Move the brush with each tap onto the card to create a light feathered look. Clean your brush after each color you use by wiping it across a damp paper towel or a stamp cleaner. Let the brush dry between uses or you will get a blotchy application with a damp brush.

Repetitive stamping technique: Clear acrylic stamps make this technique so easy—because you can see through the block, you can perfectly position the stamp wherever you choose. This is ideal for border stamps like the French script and swirl. Simply stamp the border once, re-ink the stamp and repeat.

For the front of the card:

  1. Stipple the card front with brown ink. (Tip: You only need to stipple around the outer edges of the card because the center will be covered with paper.)
  2. Place the fold of the card at the top. Stamp the swirl image repeatedly with brown ink, overlapping them slightly to insure there isn’t a line or space in between each row.
  3. Cut a 4” square of light blue spattered paper. Stamp two rows of French script at the top.
  4. Cut two 4 1/2” lengths of ribbon and place diagonally across the bottom edge of the blue spattered paper. Wrap the ends around to the back and adhere with Scotch® tape
  5. Mat the square onto brown cardstock, leaving a 1/16” wide border.
  6. Write or computer journal “Sympathy” onto blue spattered paper and lightly stamp over it with the script stamp (Tip: Make sure that most of the ink is off the stamp by first stamping on scrap paper several times). Punch the word out using the 3/4” wide circle punch.
  7. Lightly sand the edges of the brown Great Big Brad™ and glue “Sympathy” to the center.
  8. Secure the large brown silk flower with the brad over the ribbons, slightly left of center.
  9. Glue the blue square to the center of your card front. (Tip: Make sure that your card fold is at the top.)

For the inside:

  1. Stamp two rows of swirl images along the bottom edge of the card on the inside back.
  2. Write or computer journal “My thoughts are with you” onto a 1 1/2” x 3” rectangle of the blue spattered paper. Stamp the top edge of the rectangle with the script pattern.
  3. Mat on brown cardstock, leaving a 1/16” wide border.
  4. Cut a 1 1/2" length of ribbon, fold, and glue to the back on the right side.
  5. Secure a small brown flower with a white round brad to the lower left corner of the rectangle and glue to the inside back of your card.

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