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Artsy ABC's
By Tessa Bundy

stamping project
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Tessa’s Designer Tip: When stamping with letters such as the Artsy ABC’s, use chalk in the open spaces of the letters to help them stand out. Apply with a q-tip for precision.


Stamping on ribbons: Tessa stamped the title of her page on a sheer ribbon. Because the acrylic stamps and the block are clear, you can see exactly where the image will stamp. The key to getting a good image with ribbons is to have them flat and straight. To accomplish this, tape the ends of the ribbon down. Be sure to use permanent ink when stamping on ribbons to avoid smearing. 


  1. Tear the pink floral paper in half at an angle. Adhere to the bottom of the brown floral background paper, aligning the straight edge with the bottom of the background paper.
  2. Tear the brown dot paper at the same angle and glue on top of the pink floral, leaving about 2 1/4” of the pink showing. Sand all four edges of your page.
  3. Lay a 13” piece of sheer ribbon horizontally across the middle of your page. Wrap the ends around the back and use tape to adhere. Align letters (S-U-M-M-E-R-*-D-A-Y-S) on the acrylic block and stamp with black ink onto the sheer ribbon.
  4. Sand the edges of two 4”x6” photos. Tear one side of a piece of white vellum and trim to 1 1/8” x 4”. Stamp letters vertically along the right edge of the vellum strip (S-U-M-M-E-R) and attach flush along the left edge of the photo. Trim a 4 1/4”- tall strip of the brown dots paper. Tear the ends of the strip so it is 8 3/4” long.
  5. Flip the strip over and attach one of the photos centered on the strip. This will leave a 1/8” border at the top and the bottom. Fold the ends of the strip over the photo so the torn edge shows on the sides. Attach the folded portions to the photo with foam tape. Sand the folded edges and attach near the top of the page.
  6. Cut out the medium pink tag and stamp (0-8) at an angle. Chalk the numbers brown. Attach the tag with foam tape across the left edge of the photo matting.
  7. Mat the second photo on white cardstock, leaving a 1/16” border. Attach to the bottom left side of the page. Stamp the letters for the name, 1 to 2 letters at a time, (AS-H-LE-Y) on pink floral patterned paper and tear out each letter. Chalk the inside of the letters brown. Attach the letters, beginning in the bottom right portion of the photo, attaching every other piece with foam tape.
  8. Cut out and journal on the large and medium pink tags. Embellish the medium pink tag with a bracket stamp and chalk the inside.
  9. Attach the large tag to the page at the bottom right side of the pink ribbon. Overlap the small tag a bit and attach with foam tape.
  10. Cut a 3” piece of sheer ribbon and tie into a bow. Attach with a Zot™ just above the small tag.

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