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Happy 6th Birthday
By Laura Nicholas

stamping project
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Laura's Designer Tip: Color the images with colored pencils and using liquid glue add flock to parts of the stamped images such as the cherry, balloons and bow.



  1. Trim a 1” strip of striped paper and glue to the left border of the star paper. Trim the right edge of the star paper to create a 12” background paper. Cut a 1 1/2” of striped paper and glue to the right side of the star paper. Trim border strips and glue over the seams of the papers.
  2. Cut a 5”x10” of green star paper and glue along the right edge. Cut a 1”x11” of blue paper and glue overlapping the green star paper.
  3. Stamp images onto white cardstock and color with colored pencils. Add flock to parts of the stamps using a glue pen. Trim the images and mat with green texture paper, as shown.
  4. Mat a large photo with green paper, and glue along with the stamped images onto a 8”x9” yellow mat. Glue overlapping the green star and blue strip. Use a craft knife to trim around the stars in the background paper, and tuck the yellow mat under the star.
  5. Wrap the end of the yellow mat with orange ribbon and tuck the ends behind the page. Zot™ a bow to the top of the mat.
  6. Use a glue pen to cover the red stars in the background paper with flock. Cut out squares with stars, cover the red ones with flock, and glue above the yellow mat. Add pen detail.
  7. Cut out ribbon word strips and glue above and below the large photo. Print journaling onto the label and add pen detail. Attach to the bottom of the photo with brads.
  8. Add mini brads to the squares in the border strips. Add pen detail around the mats.

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