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Window Birthday Card
By LeNae Gerig

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LeNae's cute and colorful card is a fun design for birthday boys or girls of any age! Her stamped ribbon and "Happy Wishes" message gets put in the spotlight with a fast and easy punched circular window. The best part? This card can be completed in only 20 minutes!



  1. Select the portion of the color-blocked paper were the striped borders intersect. Cut into a 4 3/4" x 6 1/4" rectangle. Place the fold of the card at the top, then position and glue the paper to the front of the card.
  2. Place the circle punch over the point where the striped borders intersect. LeNae recommends turning the punch upside down for perfect circle placement. Note: It takes some pressure to punch through the card and paper layer.
  3. Before stamping the words inside the circle, center the candle Brad Buddy™ as a place holder. Open the card and stamp on each side of the candle, removing the candle if it's in your way.
  4. Secure the candle Brad Buddy™ inside the circle between the stamped words, pushing the star brad through to the card inside back. You might want to use a Zot™ to keep the bottom portion in place.
  5. Stamping on the red grosgrain ribbon: LeNae likes to place the ribbon on a flat surface, over scrap paper, and tape the ends to keep it in place. Ink the stamp and lightly press down on the ribbon. Too much pressure will make the stamp bleed into the ribbon's ribbed texture. Continue stamping across the ribbon in roughly 1/4" intervals.
  6. Attach the ribbon to the card by placing a Zot™ on the edge of the card and along the border between the green and striped portion of the paper. Place the ribbon over the Zots™, but don't pull because it can distort the words. Trim the excess ribbon even with the card edges, using small scissors in the rounded area on the circle.
  7. Tie a bow in the sheer red ribbon and attach to the edge of the circle with a Zot™.

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