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Fun and Funky Arrows
By Tessa Bundy

stamping project
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Tessa’s Designer Tip: Arrow stamps are great for embellishing a masculine page. They add a playful touch, highlight action, and give a sense of flow to the page. They can be used to create a border on photo matting, to frame a word on a tag, or to layer patterned papers by cutting out stamped images and lifting with foam tape.



  1. Mat a 2 1/2"-wide strip of striped paper on red paisley paper, leaving a 1/16" border at the top and bottom. Attach the strip 1" from the bottom of the argyle-patterned paper.
  2. Cut an 8 1/4"x8" rectangle of green dotted paper and mat on red paisley paper, leaving a 1/16" border on the right, top and bottom edges. Attach along the left edge of the page, overlapping the top of the striped strip (about 1 1/4" from the top of the page). Stamp a corner arrow in the upper and lower right corners.
  3. Mat a 5"x7" photo on red paisley paper. Ink the edges, then attach at an angle on the left portion of the green dotted rectangle. Stamp a striped arrow in the upper left corner of the photo.
  4. Mat a 4" square photo on red paisley paper. Ink the edges and attach along the right edge of the page, about 1" above the striped strip with the left edge overlapping the green dotted rectangle.
  5. Punch out monograms to spell "S-O-C-C-E-R". Sand the edges of the S and C, cover O and R with striped paper and ink the edges, cover C and E with red paisley paper and draw an outline around the edges in black pen.
  6. Trim a tiny tag from cream cardstock, journal "Play" across tag and stamp an arrow outline over the word. Ink the edges of the tag and punch a hole at the top. Tie with embroidery floss over the top curve of the S. Attach the tag to the page using foam tape and attach letters to the right of the larger photo, tilting the letters at angles.
  7. Trim a medium tag from cream cardstock and journal ("Soccer Season is here again! Fall 2008"). Ink the edges and mat it on red paisley paper. Attach a mini red brad at the top of the tag and attach the tag with foam tape along the upper right edge of the green dotted rectangle.
  8. Journal text on 1 1/8" strip of cream cardstock, ink the edges and attach centered over the striped strip, with the top edge slightly overlapping the green dotted rectangle. Attach two mini red brads in the bottom left corner of the text.
  9. Stamp three thick arrow outlines on red paisley paper and cut out. Journal "Kick", "Pass" and "Score". Attach them on the page as shown.

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